News — May 15, 2015 at 4:42 pm

Musicican shares personal phone number with fans – gets bill for 1,000s of dollars.


hopsin22Its one thing to engage with your fans through social media channels, record signings and organizing meet and greets. Its an entirely different approach to give them your own personal phone number and perhaps unsurprisingly, it didn’t work out so well for this artist.


US rapper Hopsin found out the hard way that leaving your digits on the internet doesn’t always end up working out so well. The story begins when Hop posted a message on Facebook with his phone number before uploading a video encouraging people to reach out. In the video he said “I know I posted this online already and everybody thought I was faking, but the calls actually do go directly to my phone,” he said. “I get everybody’s text message. I’ll be responding. You can text me, call me — I’ll be around.”


Apparently that wasn’t enough to satisfy the doubters out there because 12 hours later he posted another 11 minute video of him actually accepting calls from fans and enjoying some genuinely fun interactions with them. It’s not exactly every day you’re able to speak directly to your idols so fans rushed to make contact with the rapper.  What was clearly a publicity stunt was also a fundamentally good-hearted, generous gesture – and it worked. The trouble is that maybe it worked a little too well.


A few days later is the reality of the situation kicked in when the Funk Volume rapper received a staggering phone bill to the tune of over $6000. In  few short days Hopsin received more than 350,000 voicemail messages and received in excess of 350,000 texts from fans.



“Man U gotta be fuckin kidding me! Holy fuck, MY PHONE BILL IS 6 thousand fuckin dollars!! What the FUCK was i thinking. Kill me now,” Hopsin wrote on Facebook beside a screenshot of a phone bill that indeed totalled $6,000.

Funk Volume, Hopsin’s label, also shared the screenshot, writing, “Giving Hopsin a phone number for his fans was GOOD and BAD. The BAD was that our phone bill was over $6,000 for 3 days of usage!!! smdh The GOOD is that close to 400K people texted and 400K people called.”


Though we very much doubt he’s taking calls anymore you can feel free to add yourself to Hopsin’s phonebook, leave a message and help him rack up those international roaming fees. I’m sure his accountant will be able to work things out.