Dance / Electro, News — March 24, 2015 at 3:17 pm

New YouTube Clip Absolutely Destroys Every Superstar DJ On The Planet


A new clip released by female duo Lace up called ‘Body Shake’ comes out swinging, taking pot shots at pretty much every major DJ on earth.


The clip takes no prisoners as it sets its sights on pretty much every superstar DJ operating at the moment, managing to fuse together a full frontal attack on the brash, hedonistic lifestyles of major EDM players, and Paris Hilton.

The clip features a slew of everyone’s favorite superstar DJ in bobble head form and parodies just about every major player in the business with the three and a half minute clip taking shots at everyone from Steve Aoki to Daft Punk, Deadmau5 to Calvin Harris.

The clip takes fire at Avici taking a break from performing due to health issues (with two bottles in his hand), puts Skrillex’s haircut down to a hereditary hair loss condition and shows Afrojack driving his Ferarri off a cliff, referencing the incident in 2013 where he managed to mangle his Ferarri within two hours of purchasing it.


The punches don’t stop rolling there though. The clip continues skewering other DJs like Martin Garrix by having him appear in a playpen with rattles in hand, making a cheeky reference to Carl Cox’s surname, showing the Stafford Brothers riding kangaroos, referencing David Guetta’s infamous Tomorrowland fadeout.

Click below to see the whole clip


The track is the first release by duo Lace Up and not too much is known about them at this point beyond the fact that they’re a two piece female act and have worked out the key to internet virality is catchiness and a little bit of controversy.

Few could argue that the track isn’t exactly breaking ground musically, and comments on YouTube have already decried the logic in skewering every other artist in the same industry you wish to work in, but if The Chainsmoker’s abomination of a song ‘Selfie’ (compete with 309 million views) can capure the public’s attention, this will surely be a hit amongst the EDM crowd.