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Valleyarm announce former ARIA chairman is to join board

Former chairman of ARIA Ed St John will be joining the board of directors for Australian owned music distribution company Valleyarm Digital.

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Britney Spears announces ninth studio album #Glory, but there’s only one place you can get it

International pop icon Britney Spears is set to release her ninth studio album Glory later this month, her first release in three years, featuring 17 brand new songs. There’s only one place you’ll be able to purchase or stream the new record though…

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The Glorious North release long awaited debut album “Welcome To The Glorious North”

Country slackers the Glorious North lead you into the beautiful darkness with songs about whiskey, woe, lost loves and loaded Lugers with the release of their debut album “Welcome To The Glorious North”.

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Jaden Social expands to includes Artist and Label Marketing division

Australian Digital agency Jaden Social is extending its suite of agency services, announcing a new artist and label marketing division. Its new suite of agency services will include Artist & Label Marketing, tasked with marketing, publicity, radio promotios, D2F/e-Commerce, influencer outreach, brand partnerships and creative services for labels and bands.

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Morrissey confirms Hong Kong, Jakarta, Bangkok and SIngapore performances in October

Morrissey, one of the most controversial and celebrated figures in popular music, is coming to Asia this October for his first national headline tour since 2012.

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Thailand has a brand new boutique arts and music festival coming this January

Thailand’s idyllic Koh Samui has been announced as the location for brand new music, arts and lifestyle festival Paradise Island; the first of its type on the island.

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Giant firebreathing Arcadia spider set to terrorize Korea, Taiwan

It’s circumnavigated the globe, awed onlookers at Coachella and Glastonbury and now Arcadia’s mechanical arachnoid behemoth is coming to take over Korea and Taiwan.

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The beat continues: The Music Run returns to Malaysia

The Music Run by AIA Vitality is bringing the beat back to Malaysia this October. People from all across the globe will run, dance and party their way across the 5km track at Sepang International Circuit.

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Prepare to get stung: Scorpions add Kuala Lumpur performance to 50th Anniversary Asia tour

After 100 million records, 18 studio albums, six concert albums and countless memories made on world tours, Scorpions are heading to Kuala Lumpur for their long anticipated 50th Anniversary World Tour.

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Paul McCartney Just Compared Kanye West To John Lennon

Usually it’s Kanye West making bold statements about his music abilities that tend to rub people up the wrong way, but this time Sir Paul McCartney, in a statement that is sure to anger die-hard Beatles fans, compared collaborating with West to working with ex-Beatle John Lennon.

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Watch the evolution of 30 years of Hip Hop in six minutes

Boston based rapper Alyssa Marie has managed to chronicle the most formative song of the past 30 years into a single track entitled ‘The Evolution Of Hip Hop.’   As the name alludes to, the track comprehensively documents the progress of the genre from 1984 through to the present day. There’s something for everyone from die hard hip hop fans to the occasional listener and […]

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Clockenflap wants to pay you for your art!

Clockenflap is making an open call to local and international artists to present original works at Asia’s premier music and arts festival.   That’s right! This is your chance to be a part of one of the biggest festivals of its kind in the Southeast Asian region. The program invites artists to create artwork according to the theme of ‘Future Human’ and […]

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Double Threat: 10 Famous Musicians That Became Movie Stars

With fame being such a fleeting commodity these days it’s important to make sure you’re skilled in multiple elements of the entertainment business. We take a look at 10 musicians who made it to the big time on the silver screen too.

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How much do people really get paid in the music industry?

There was always going to be a big disparity between what a major pop star can earn for a performance and what the local cover band are likely to bring home but it wasn’t until recently that we found out just how big that difference was; and the figures may surprise you.

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We reveal the Top 40 biggest selling singles of the decade so far

Official charts just released their official list of the 40 best selling singles of the decade so far, offering rare sales insight into the UK market. Though their data is based on sales data within the UK, the songs occupying the top spots have been smash hits across the globe. We take a quick look at what the world has been […]

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Usher confirmed for Malaysia Grand Prix

Strap in Malaysia, because Grammy-winning superstar Usher is returning to Kuala Lumpur. He’s set to perform at the 2016 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix, held from September 30 – October 2 at the Sepang International Circuit.

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Taylor Swift lied about Kanye West, and there’s video to prove it

Wow… Has Kim Kardashian just delivered the biggest mic drop moment of the year?

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BTS to appear as interns on new TV show “God’s Work”

BTS have been announced to appear on a new SBS Korea’s variety show called “God’s Work.”

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Adele demands pizza from 70 miles away and ‘doesn’t even eat it.’

  We’d all like to think that celebrities are just like us. Except… well, they’re not.

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Selena Gomez shares before and after Instagram selfies and how to achieve that perfect look

Selena Gomez is currently the most popular person on Instagram, boasting an incredible 89 million followers. So it’s safe to say that she knows a thing or two about taking the perfect selfie.

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