News, Newsletter — April 23, 2015 at 12:37 pm

Record Day mixup leads U2 fans to purchase Tool EP by mistake


Record Store Day was again packed with limited with limited edition releases but one of the most limited editions occurred entirely by accident. Some very lucky people who purchased U2’s ‘Songs Of Innocence’ during a recent record store release found instead a copy of Tool’s 1992 Opiate EP inside.


Fans had waited outside record stores for hours hoping to purchase the U2 album which had been given away to thousand of iTunes users in an unwanted and frankly, invasive music gesture last year.


Dianne Delahunty and Stuart Arnott spotted the error when she bought the deluxe vinyl edition of U2’s “Songs of Innocence” from Banquet Record in Kingston and inexplicably found a copy of Tool’s “Opiate” EP inside. The error only affected a few customers at a single store and the store’s official Record Store Day Twitter account informed them that a pressing plant error was to blame, likely because the two album’s sleeves have some similarities. The plant promised to amend the error.


The ultimate irony of course is that thousands of iDevice owners received “Songs Of Innocence” when they didn’t want it, but a handful of people that did want it (enough to wait in line for hours anyway) end up getting an album they didn’t want.