News — November 14, 2013 at 4:54 am

Rossa Duets With Malaysian Star Hafiz


Jakarta: Indonesian diva star, Rossa has announced she has recorded a duet with Malaysian star, Hafiz.

Rossa said “This is the first time I have recorded a soundtrack for a Malaysian TV serial and a duet with Hafiz”. She admits that before recording she was not  familiar with Hafiz, who currently has two Top 30 entries in our Malaysian charts, although their relationship has been good and professional.

In a frank admission,  Rossa said at first she had doubts about doing a duet with Hafiz because he is already well known for recording the duet ‘Muara Hati’ with the Malaysian star, Siti Nurhalizah. However, after learning and observing Hafiz’s vocal talents, Rossa grabbed at the chance to duet together. “After hearing Hafiz ‘s voice, I knew I wanted to do it…” she said.

The resulting duet ‘Salahkah’ was made for the Malaysian TV serial Bukan Karena Aku Tak Cinta and had a touch arrangement from Rossa’s ex-husband, Yoyo and also Badai Kerispatih.  After hearing the quality of Rossa’s voice, the 23-years old star Hafiz admits he was “amazed” when he found himself performing a duet with Yoyo’s ex-wife. He then admitted he was glad to duet with Rossa and also there was a good chemistry between them.  “I was very glad to be able to collaborate with Rossa. Before doing a duet I usually listen to my partner’s song first. I was amazed,” said Hafiz.

Rossa hopes that her soundtrack with Hafiz and the Malaysian TV serial will hit the market. “Hopefully it will become a best-seller and a top-hit, and the serial will become a favorite as well!” she said.