News — January 25, 2014 at 8:06 am

Shiga Lin Gotta Be With You Music Video Released


Shiga Lin is the current Music Weekly Hong Kong No.1 with her new song, Gotta Be With You. The official music video has just been released on YouTube and shows a distressing portrayal of a painful break-up.

The video, filmed in Taiwan, shows Shiga Lin arguing with a guy, we assume is her boyfriend. The argument gets more heated until finally the guy stands up and violently swings his arm, wiping out the objects on the table. Shiga is then let alone and in a painful moment we see her starting to cry. The video then appears to show memories of the happier times they had together.

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In the next scene we see Shiga sitting in a bar in what appears to be the first time she met her boyfriend. He is serving behind the bar and there is obviously an instant attraction between them. Shiga writes down what we assume is her mobile or email address and hands it over to the bartender.

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The next few scenes show Shiga and her new boyfriend laughing and having fun together. They’re obviously extremely happy together, with no thoughts of the heartache to follow. Her new guy shows Shiga how to play chess, riding together on a scooter and in the video’s most memorable moments the two of them are seen playing on a beach together, including petting a couple of cute dogs. 

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The video then turns darker, showing the couple drifting apart. The guy is in a band and it now becomes apparent that he is not treating Shiga the way she would like. The video shows the upset couple and the texts they are sending each other.

The video is a powerful and emotional performance by Shiga and beautifully captures the sentiments of the song, which features a strong vocal and heartfelt lyrics.

The song is a huge hit in Hong Kong is continues to showcase the talents of the young actress and singer, who was rocked by a scandal in 2012 when photos of her with ex-boyfriend k-Chek were leaked online.

 Shiga Lin Gotta Be With You