News — February 4, 2016 at 6:35 pm

Singaporean musician signed to Diplo’s Mad Decent label


When he started producing his own beats in his bedroom at the age of 17, there’s no way that Singaporean DJ and producer Manfred Lim could have guessed that in a few short years he would be signed to one of the biggest electronic music labels on the planet.



Sure enough, after just three years of teaching himself how to programme dance beats on a home computer, super producer Diplo’s label Mad Decent signed the talented artist, who produces music under the moniker Myrne.


Refining his craft based on feedback he received from friends and comments on Soundcloud, the artist first came to the attention of the label on the back of his remix of Jack U’s track To U.


Dialogue was opened with Paul Devro, Mad Decent’s creative director and Diplo’s right-hand man. According to The Straits Times, Devro heard “a certain seriousness and emotion in Lim’s music that really stands out.”





After their initial point of contact Lim was asked if he had more tracks, which spurred him to create his first album Softskins.  Diplo was sufficiently impressed with the release that he signed Lim.


Referring to his productions as “shabby beats and really short one-minute loops” the 20 year old classically trained pianist said. With little more than a computer, audio software and a keyboard he followed a number of YouTUbe tutorials and the rest was experimentation.


Whilst he has a residency at South Beach Quarter club Vanity he is adamant that production is where his passion lies. In the future he aims to incorporate live instrumentation into his sets and talks are underway already in regards to a European tour.


For now, with Lim undertaking national service and his enrolment in a social sciences course at the Singapore Management University looming there are a number of competing time pressures but