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The Latest Fallout Releases New Single: Better


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The buzz in New Zealand is growing into a deafening roar for new guys in town The Latest Fallout.

Arriving on the scene in 2012 the band, Brendan Pyper (vocals), Jared Stevenson (guitars), Dan Gordon (bass) and Jeremy Badger (drums) quickly became the hottest band in town in their native Hamilton They played shows with many top names such as Avalanche City and Titanium, to rapturous response and sold-out venues. This led to appearances at some of New Zealand’s major festivals in 2012 and 2013.

Nationwide TV and radio coverage of debut singles New Tomorrow and Never Be The Same (complete with Zombie-apocalypse wasteland video) paved the way to a successful tour of New Zealand in March and April 2014, culminating in a live TV appearance and interview on the day they launched their debut album, where they unveiled newest single Better with a blistering performance in front of the nation. The same week they were featured in teen magazine Girlfriend, where Brendan was interviewed.

They hit the Official New Zealand Albums Top Twenty chart on 9th May 2014, a week after launch, hitting the Independent Charts at number six the following week, giving them a Top Ten album. In July the band appeared at a CD signing in their hometown of Hamilton. When they performed a semi-acoustic set the crowd that had gathered went wild with delight!   

New single Better is close to Brendan’s heart. He believes passionately that people have the power within themselves to make anything they want of their lives, they just have to ignore anybody who says they can’t. For years in school he was told he would never be the singer in a successful rock band and he used that experience to fuel his desire to succeed and prove the bullies wrong. And he’s done it!

With a hit album and three hit singles, The Latest Fallout is the band to watch in 2014-15.

Yes, the buzz in New Zealand is growing into a deafening roar for new guys in town The Latest Fallout. It’s time you guys joined the ride.



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