News — May 2, 2013 at 4:14 pm

Third Time’s a Charm: Nouvelle Vague Drops By HK


Get ready as Nouvelle Vague are set to grace Hong Kong for the third time since their 2004 inception in what is already labeled as their most intimate performance yet!

Nouvelle Vague are certainly no strangers to musical re-invention: offering original re-readings into post-punk, post-rock & new wave entrenched in the swooping elegance of bossa nova. Their name itself gracefully sums up the concept of the group translating into ‘new wave’ whilst acting as a play on words simultaneously referring to three core facets: the artistic nature of 60’s new wave French cult cinema, the source of their songs all drawn from post rock, post punk and new wave and the graceful use of 60’s bossa nova-style arrangements. 

Nouvelle Vague will share the stage with Alain Bernardin’s world-renowned cabaret, Crazy Horse Paris, and Parisian starlet Zula in an official Le French May 2013 event by Love Da Records at KITEC Rotunda 3 on 11 May (Sat).



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 Nouvelle Vague – Dancing with Myself