News — August 1, 2012 at 4:50 pm

Tuning in to Pinoy Tuner


Fighting the battle of local talent supremacy, Pinoy Tuner is an online radio portal, magazine, and TV station in one destination. Housing the best artists in the Philippines’ music and creative industry, it aims to tap and nurture the talent the Philippines has yet to offer. Taking some time off is Vin Dancel, advocate and artist extraordinaire, to tell us the deal behind it.


What is the concept behind Pinoy Tuner? 

It is a web-based entity that showcases the best of Filipino creativity throughout the country and all over the world. It was established by a group of people with immense passion for what makes us uniquely and proudly Filipino. Even the site’s name conveys the idea of getting “in tune” with what Pinoys are all about, and aims to encourage Filipinos to do just that, wherever in the world (and with an internet connection) they may be.


We noticed that you currently have four communities: Dig Radio, Rice Radio, Planet Jazz and Yo Radio. How is one different from another?  

Pinoytuner’s inaugural endeavor is, an online alternative and modern rock radio portal run by experienced rock radio jocks, published music journalists, and open-minded classic, modern and alternative rock fans. Apart from knowing their brand of music from inside and out, they also come up with their own playlists (which feature at least 60% local music) as well as produce shows like Gig at the DIG, which showcase local acts performing live at the Dig Radio studios, and upcoming programs for unsigned acts and college bands, in order to discover untapped talent and maintain the vitality of the local rock scene. But in order to attract even more listeners of different tastes and sensibilities, PinoyTuner recently launched a jazz channel called Planet Jazz, an online channel devoted to the appreciation of all styles and offshoots of jazz, with programming and articles that present a fresh perspective to attract new audiences. Its playlists and programs shall feature a diverse mix of all styles of jazz from artists both old and new, while highlighting local artists. Also currently up and running is Rice Radio, a pop music channel named after the staple food that goes well with everything, because it offers everything about Pinoy pop culture. Its music and video programming and written content are geared towards general interest, with an emphasis on promoting Filipino creativity. And finally, there is Yo Radio, which aims to be the foremost online platform for the Pinoy hip-hop community. It has produced a wealth of talent and distinguished artists, as well as a highly enthusiastic following. Its goal is to give Filipino hip-hop artists an online venue to showcase their music and the local scene on a worldwide scale, while providing audiences with programs with an urban flavor.


Why do you think Pinoy Tuner is different from the other current radio stations in the country?

 In addition to the site’s audio and video content, also contains a vast assortment of printed material, including honest, no-nonsense album reviews, up-to-date news articles, music-related blog posts, and informative features covering a wide variety of topics, all written by an experienced pool of writers whose work has previously appeared on other music sites and publications. The site will also contain regular bits of music trivia, interactive polls and contests, an extensive photo gallery, information on our shows, jocks, and contributors, a calendar of gigs and other musical events in the metro and around the Philippines, and links to our Twitter and Facebook accounts. With all these integral elements, should achieve its goal of being the foremost online authority in homegrown music in the Philippines, for all Pinoy music fans to access wherever they are in the world. It also bears mentioning that Pinoytuner is not just your usual, run-of-the-mill music website run by passionate music fans. In addition to the credentials of the people behind it, is also supported by a highly secure and well-equipped technical back-end that ensures the site’s stability and performance despite the volume of people tuning in at any single point, and most importantly, that none of the site’s content, especially the music, can be downloaded illegally or even hacked, protecting the intellectual property of all the creative works we feature.


In what ways can indie artists gain exposure from your site?

 We’ve been encouraging them to put together content like playlists from local bands, photos, and other lit to promote their art. Soon, we will be having content from the different regions like Davao, Cebu, Leyte, Samar, and Baguio and we’re really looking forward to that. We’ve also been livestreaming events/gigs in and out of metro manila and the response from both artists and music fans have been awesome.


Are there any plans in the future that we should watch out for?

 Lots! We’ve entered into a partnership with Google and Youtube and we’ll soon be launching the Pinoytuner Google Chrome Store. There’s more but people will just have to keep checking out the site to find out what they are!


To keep up to date with PinoyTuner, you can visit and follow @pinoytuner on Twitter.