News — March 1, 2013 at 10:44 am

Upcoming shows in China, March wave


Rock music has a very long history but this music genre touched China’s shores less than 30 years ago. In the early 90s, rock reached a peak but got dim after some political events. Recently, more and more live houses open in the cities, where one can see many young people with friends, drinking and shaking their body during the weekends enjoying rock music after five days of stressful work. So, let’s take a tour in China and listen to some Chinese rock, sure you’ll love it!


Event: China Tour – Chang Sha
Band: Fan Zui Xiang Fa (Beijing, China)
Genre: Hardcore and Punk
Interesting fact: Their band name means “Crime Idea” in English and their lyrics describe those who fight for peace in this world
Venue: 46, Live House, Chang Sha
Time: March 2nd (Saturday), 21:00-23:00
Price: 40RMB

FAN ZUI XIANG FA gig image 

Event: I love you, sweet girl – Special Performance for Woman’s Day
Band: Bu Yi Band (Ning Xia, China)
Genre: Rock/Ballad
Interesting fact: The band has been active for 18 years!
Venue: Jiang Hu Pub, Beijing
Date: March 8th (Friday), 21:00-23:30
Price: 53RMB presale, 60RMB at the door 

BU YI gig image

Event: I am Your King Kong – Special Performance in Beijing
Band: NAMO Band
Genre: Rock
Interesting fact: “We are individual artist at home but when we six get together, we are a great band.”
Venue: Mao Live House, Beijing
Date: March 8th (Friday), 20:00-23:30
Price: 60RMB resale, 80RMB at the door

NAMO gig image


Event: Album Release
Band: Djang San (France/China)
Genre: Western music mixed with past and present Chinese music
Interesting fact: Djang San – 10 years of music between Beijing and Bordeaux, 14 albums released
Venue: Jiang Hu Pub, Beijing
Date: March 9th (Saturday), 21:00-23:30
Price: 40RMB

DJIANG SAN gig image


Event: N/U Pact China Tour
Band: NOUNS UNDERGROUND (Xi’an, China)
Genre: Chinese hip hop
Venue: GuangQuan Club, Xi’an, Shaan Xi
Date: March 9th (Saturday), 21:00-22:30
Price: 50RMB

N U tour image