News — January 22, 2015 at 10:59 am

What music do cheating partners listen to? The answers may surprise you



Does your musical preference influence your propensity to cheat? New research has come forward that may indicate that this may indeed be the case.


The crew at Spotify released a study back in April which attempted to settle the argument about which musical genre had the most loyal fans once and for all. Arming themselves with data they extracted from their own listeners, they narrowed each genre down into the biggest artists for each genre and then divided the number of streams each had by the number of listens.


The perhaps surprising result was that metal fans are the most loyal music fans. and by a considerable margin. Metalheads fidelity to the major artists of their particular style of music was far higher than listeners of other music styles. Spotify interpreted the results as listeners of other musical styles had more refined tastes and listened to more than just the ‘core’ artists of their genre.

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Well according to some new research it isn’t just fidelity to their music that is a defining characteristic of metal heads, they’re also more faithful to their partners. According to a MetalSucks report, Victoria Milan, a website that appeals to ‘attached’ people actively looking for affairs recently conducted a study into the musical tastes of 6,500 users and whether it makes them think of their illicit lovers.


Almost three quarters of participants in the survey thought about their lover when listening to their favorite tunes, so if your boyfriend/girlfriend is getting into humming their favorite song and getting into it a little bit too much, well now you additional reason to get a bit paranoid about how much time they’re spending with ‘that new friend’.


What’s more interesting is the breakdown in results based on musical taste. This is basically a breakdown of respondents musical tastes by preference:

Jazz: 19%
Salsa: 14%
Pop: 13%
Country: 12%
Rap: 9%
Classical music: 8%
Blues: 6%
Reggae: 5%
Rock and roll: 5%
Electronica: 4%
Indie: 3%
Heavy metal: 2%


And there you have it folks. Whilst the common perception of the hulking leather clad metal head is one of immorality, seeking to satiate their carnal desires with any and everyone they can, the reality is that they’re actually the most loyal partners you’ll find. If your partner is a fan of jazz and salsa on the other hand, it might be time to reconsider your relationship. People with a proclivity for those musical styles made up one third of the respondents.


Now these results need to be taken with a grain of salt. The sample size is relatively small so it may be that people that are into indie or heavy metal music are just less likely to use a website to find partners to cheat with, or maybe they are just less likely to take a survey on such a site. Having said that, if you’ve spent much of your life listening to music that hit the peak of its creative output in the 80s and you find someone that sees you as still relevant… yeah, you should probably hold on to them.