News, Pop — March 1, 2016 at 3:32 pm

What’s in a name? Kylie Minogue responds to Kylie Jenner’s attempt to trademark her name


For decades, Australian performer Kylie Minogue has enjoyed the priviledged status of being the first to mind when anyone mentioned her name but Kylie Jenner is looking to change that with her recent move to trademark the name ‘Kylie.’


18 year old Kylie Jenner, dughter of Kris and Caitlyn, half sister to the rest of the Kardashian clan, model and guiding force behind a budding fashin empire is looking to claim exclusive rights to the title of ‘Kylie’.


But the original Kylie isn’t going down without a fight. Jenner filed a U.S. trademark application for the term “Kylie,” seekign protection for the term in connection with advertising services, reported the World Intellectual Property Review.


On Feb. 22, the 47-year-old “Love at First Sight” singer, represented by Australian based business KDB, filed her own opposition to 18-year-old Jenner’s application to claim ownership of the Kylie name in the United States. Minogue’s notice of opposition contests that she has been active in the entertainment in the industry since 1979 and has been known by her first name since her self titled album was released in 1988. Furthermore, she has owned and operated the website since 1998.


The documents get personal too, taking shots at the reality star, contesting that the star’s “photographic exhibitionism” on social media and “controversial posts have drawn criticism from, e.g., the Disability Rights and African-American communities.” Especially scathing is the reference to Jenner as a “Secondary reality television personality” who only appears on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as a ‘supporting character’ to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. Yep, the claws are out


Whilst there hasn’t been any public statement from either of the camps, Minogue seemingly alluded to the copyright feud on Twitter Sunday, writing, “Hello….. My name is KYLIE #lightyears” presumably refering to her many more years experience being Kylie than young Jenner. The battle rages on…