News — March 25, 2015 at 9:18 am

Is Zayn Malik leaving One Direction For Good?


one-direction-group-shotIt has been a tough week for One Direction fans. Firstly Zayn Malik pulled out of scheduled performances in Manila and Jakarta and now it appears he may be exploring his options on whether he wants to leave the group for good.


According to online reports, the 22 year old star has engaged with lawyers to see if he is able to leave the group. A report in the Daily Star has quoted a source close to the star as saying

“At the moment he’s convinced he wants out. He is finding it all too much and wants to quit the group. His legal team is seeing what the situation is. There is a strong chance he will have to fulfil his commitments and he might change his mind once he’s had time away from the spotlight.

“But as it stands he’s not keen to continue.”


The saga began when Malik pulled out of shows in South East Asian leg of their On The Road Again tour, after the media got a hold of him in questionable photos with a 26 year old fan in Thailand. The photos show the popstar holding hands with Lauren Richardson and embracing, with Malik holding her from behind. Richardson went on to boast to fellow holidaymakers at the Paton Backpacker Hostel about being personally invited to party with the One Direction boys at a private villa in Phuket, Thailand.

1d malik richardson 1d malik richardson2


This news was not well received by his fiancée Perrie Edwards, who Malik proposed to in August 2013. Reports have since claimed his relationship with fiancée Edwards is on the rock. The singer vehemently denied any wrongdoing, taking to Twitter to defend himself


It appears that Malik struggles more than some of the other members of One Direction with the less desirable elements of such a public lifestyle such as having every moment under public scrutiny. An insider, quoted by The Mirror had the following to say:

“Having his every movement scrutinised causes great anxiety and the pictures which surfaced with the fan yesterday was the final straw. He did nothing wrong but the amount of criticism he received was simply too much. He needs to get away.”


Malik, at this point made the decision to leave the Asian leg of the tour prompting publicist Simon Jones release the following statement on Twitter to explain the situation, categorizing his absence as being ‘stress’ influenced.

“Zayn has been signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate. The band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta.”


Since the departure of Malik, numerous news outlets have speculate that there may be more forces at play and that the band members are ready for a break from each other after five years of non stop activity. In reality, there are few people that know the whole situation and the true likelihood of Malik leaving the group but the band have released four albums in four years whilst consistently performing stadium shows around the world. The stresses on young men reaching adulthood can’t possibly be imagined by anyone outside of such a situation.


But the show must go on and the leaving of a band member half way through a stadium show is but a minor inconvenience to the sensation that is One Direction. The group are able to perform without Malik and have even rehearsed as a four piece since last year, a contingency plan for situations exactly like what has occurred.


Adding controversy to an already heated situation, Liam Payne covered Zayn’s face in a poster whilst taking photos with fans, drawing the ire of Directioneers (the self styled nickname for One Direction fans). He went on to say he was making light of the situation and it appears, despite media sensationalism stirring the pot, that this appears to be the case.

The group did not introduce themselves as One Direction at their recent Manila performance, instead opting to introduce themselves individually, indicating that the group felt that they are not whole without their fifth member.


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