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No End to Freedom: José James

Singapore will once again have the chance to swoon over José James with his second visit to the island. Slated to perform at TAB on the 18th of February to promote his latest record ‘No Beginning No End’, James combines the sounds of hip-hop, jazz, R&B and soul music into a rich, dark concoction that is bound to translate into a captivating live performance. Read on to discover the jazz greats that form his main inspirations, learn more about his touring band members and find out his favourite thing about Singapore.
Music Weekly: Good day, José! This will be your second performance in Singapore – could you share with us some fond memories of your past visit? 
José James: The spicy pepper crab! I’ve been telling my band how amazing it was and they can’t wait. I love Singapore, especially the warmth of the people.
Your latest album ‘No Beginning No End’ melds your various musical inspirations. If you had to pick, which 3 musicians represent your biggest influences and why? 
John Coltrane, for his musicianship and spiritual vision; Marvin Gaye, for his beautiful voice, politics, and sensuality; and of course Billie Holiday for her depth and true mastery.
‘No Beginning No End’ is co-produced by Pino Palladino. How has working with him contributed to your song-writing and creative process? 
Pino is simply the best bassist in the world! He can play any style of music, so it gave the freedom to go anywhere on the album.
What are your thoughts on the revival and evolution of jazz, soul and R&B within the popular music spectrum these days?
I think it’s fantastic. There’s something magical about great songs, great bands, and a great singer.
Who are the band members you will be touring with and how would you describe the collective energy of the band? 
On keys Kris Bowers – one of the most amazing pianists in the world right now. On trumpet is Takuya Kuroda! Richard Spaven on drums + Solomon Dorsey on bass and vocals. These guys are amazing!! This is the beat band I’ve ever had and its a pleasure to perform with them.
Besides your extensive tour schedule, what are your plans for the future?
Writing new music all the time and learning to play electric guitar.


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18 February 2013, Monday
TAB Singapore 

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