Album Reviews, Culture, Dance / Electro — October 22, 2012 at 9:37 am

No Regular Play – Fall Up To The Sky


Artist Name: No Regular Play
Title Name: Fall Up To The Sky
Label: Supplement Facts Records
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

This week’s selection is a great release from Brooklyn duo No Regular Play.  The three track Fall Up To The Sky release balances lo-fi, deep and blippy house to deliver a huge range of sound within a small space.

‘Fall Up To The Sky’, the EP’s lead featuring the vocal talent of Maya Hatch, is a slow mo house builder with equal parts summer and warehouse vibes. Whether on a balcony in summer with a couple of beers or creeping across the dance floor at closing time, the track brings together elements from both scenes and marries them so well that it’s almost unsettling.

The B-Side, in my opinion, is where the true heart of the release lies. A lo-fi house track, ‘Lookin’’ starts sparse, playing 2 rhythmic, male/female vocal lines off each other. The track gradually builds for a full minute building – creating a minimal, left of centre electronic feel before dropping a bomb. Completely unannounced, an array of deep, lush, synthetic bass stabs roll across the track, taking it to a deep house pinnacle that seemed impossible moments before. Though sudden, the change overstays smoothly to fill out the empty space and make the lengthy lead up totally worth the wait.

The remix for ‘Lookin’, though, takes the track to a whole new level. Deep house from the start, Life & Death have mixed just the kind of electronic music that leaves people like me drooling all over themselves. Slow, moody house at its best, I refuse to over-analyse this track and spoil it for myself. I’ll just casually pop the video below, beg you to grab some headphones and let you all come to my side naturally.

Though I’m personally won over by the remix, every track on the release has its charm and would look great in your collection. I’m just sayin’ is all.


No Regular Play – Lookin (Life and Death Remix)

No Regular Play’s Fall Up To The Sky is now available on iTunes.