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Noah Awal Semula Interview “We Didn’t Know It Was Going To Be A Movie”


Jakarta: In an exclusive short interview, Noah have revealed more about their new movie, ‘Awal Semula’.

The band were filmed by director Putrama Tuta throughout their recent ‘Comeback’ tour and the footage formed the basis of the recent Noah film released last week to critical acclaim.

First things first, what is the band’s opinion of the film? “We think that it is a splendid work from the Director. He was with us for a long interval of time and what makes it interesting is that we didn’t know he was recording for a movie project at that time. But he managed to find the core of our story and put everything together to show the viewers a realistic view of our life. We have conflicts, we have our ups and downs and he show the public the roller coaster of the band and what is shown in the movie was real. The movie speaks not only for the audience but it also a reminder for us. It reminds us what we have been through together, bad times and good times and we can see that God never leaves us alone.”

But isn’t it strange seeing yourself in a documentary? Was there anything you were nervous about being made public? “Honestly yes”, they replied. “Because we didn’t know that he was recording us for a movie project at the time. We were worried about the result but after seeing the movie we’re not nervous anymore because it represents the truth about us.”

However, it seems the band don’t have ambitions to star in a Hollywood blockbuster just yet. “Well… for now we don’t have any plan to star in any more movies” they said. “The reason why we accepted the offer for the Awal Semula movie in the first place is because we didn’t have to act! And we were just being ourselves and that’s why it’s a realistic movie”

And as for their future plans? “Right now we’re still doing promotion for NOAH’s first album” they told us. “We’re also still on tour across the country. But next year we have a lot of plans which unfortunately we can’t leak it now because we want it as a surprise for our fans”.

Awal Semula was released on November 14th.


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