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Love Da’s Tiësto Release

Tiësto CLUB LIFE – Volume Two Miami Tiësto, the renowned House/Club DJ who, among other things, performed the first live-streamed concert on Twitter in 2012 and has his very own wax statue at Madame Tussauds. Collaborating with artists from various music genres (Kanye West, Katy Perry, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Goldfrapp), Tiësto is considered as the most hyperactive DJ in the […]

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The Sound of Love and Vengeance

The Sound of Love and Vengeance: A Glimpse into the Heart of Ho Tzu Nyen’s “The Song of the Brokenhearted Tiger” “Once upon a time, a Tiger and a Forest lay entwined in a coil of love” Midnight black dominates and forces itself into the field of vision. Ever so slowly, but at gathering speed, tendrils of smoke emerge from […]

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Charlie Was Here

Singaporean musician Charlie Lim, who is based in Melbourne, recently returned to the island city as part of his Asian Spring tour, and caused a pretty big wave of excitement in his wake. His last show of the tour took place on 11th April at The Pigeonhole, which also closed local label KittyWu’s ‘Return of the Kitty’ showcase at the […]

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“CRYBABY” a debut album by Crybaby (UK)

Love Da Records (HK) announces the release of CRYBABY (Helium Records), the self-titled debut album by English musician, Crybaby aka Danny Coughlan. Set up on the theme of the difficulty in human relationships, Crybaby leads the listener into a smooth landscape of sad but beautiful songs. “[‘I Cherish The Heartbreak More Than The Love That I Lost’ is] … a […]

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The challenges of a Burmese band: Side Effect

The media has always portrayed Myanmar as an isolated country rife with political turmoil. One would least expect to hear of an indie rock band emerging from this country but that is what Side Effect is – a three piece indie rock band from Myanmar who tells us about the side effects they have experienced due to their unique situation. […]

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Chatting up with the top cats: MONSTER CAT

Things are happening for 4-piece alternative folk rock band MONSTER CAT (Singapore). To start their year, the band shared the stage with Bombay Bicycle Club and The Naked and The Famous at The People’s Party. They’ve released their five-piece track, Mannequins, last year and now teamed up with Director Kristen Ong for their first official music video for “Underwater.” We […]

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Koolastuffa presents L’Alphalpha merchandising

Fashion and music go together like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs – one seems so much better with the other. So Koolastuffa, a young brand spearheaded by talented Indonesians Dedy and Widya Kurniawan,decided to team up with indie pop/rock band L’Alphalpha to create a magical bunch of pieces, inspired by the group’s songs. Clothes were […]

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No Church in the Wild: Nullifying the Divide between Live and Electronic Music.

 “Music is the shorthand of emotion.” —Leo Tolstoy We live in booming times. The watchwords of our era are “growth,” “speed,” and “connectivity”. The Internet has taught us that we can want everything and have everything. And that wanting and having are not moral transgressions but merely facts of existence in this age of maximalism. This phenomenon is evident in […]

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POCKET MAGIK’s debut album – A breath of fresh air

The release of Singaporean electronic duo Pocket Magik’s debut album This Is The Place comes like a breath of fresh air to the Singaporean non-mainstream music scene, which has mostly been dominated by rock bands for years – be it indie rock, post rock, or any genre that falls under the umbrella. Pocket Magik is the brainchild of Kurt of […]

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SXSW scours for more Asian acts

For a while, Japanese acts have been a key Asian flavour at South by Southwest (SXSW), the annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, TX. More recently, however, SXSW has been scouring other parts of Asia for talent. SXSW began its operations with a humble music conference at the Austin Convention Centre in Austin, Texas in […]

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The Analog Girl Talks of Collaboration for T(h)ree Vol.2

Dubbed as one of the “5 Music Acts to Watch” in 2008 by TIME Magazine, The Analog Girl aka Mei Wong, an electronic-industrial musician from Singapore, is continually catching the ears and the eyes of people from all the over world. Tying one more achievement under her belt, Mei is now collaborating with artists from Portugal for the T(h)ree music […]

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Universal Music Singapore releases ‘Zouk Presents Tease’

Regulars of Zouk and Phuture in Singapore would be familiar with resident DJs Eclipse & Ghetto, the men behind the decks responsible for playing and mixing your favourite tunes at TEASE, Phuture’s weekly Saturday parties. This year, Phuture turns sweet 16 while TEASE celebrates its first year. Because of this very special occasion, Zouk and Universal Music Singapore have collaborated […]

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The Boards Are Taking Over

Keyboards, sound boards, laptops, synthesizers and CDJs have long played second fiddle to conventional instruments—guitars, drums and bass—in the popular imagination. Confined to the underground, the “boards” were wielded by a different species of musicians; those unconcerned with playing to and for the gallery, those unconcerned with scoring a Top 40 spot for their material. Then there were listeners. Not […]

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Future Music Festival: Zoom on They Will Kill Us All (MY)

What kept you busy these past months? I heard you’ve been recording an album, is it already finished? Well right now our working life is keeping us busy! We still jam from time to time, but what the band as a whole are trying to now is finishing the mixes for the 9 song album out soon. Its a slow […]

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Future Music Festival: Zoom on Kyoto Protocol (MY)

What’s the story of Kyoto Protocol? We’re just a bunch of guys who enjoy to play music, plain and simple. That I suppose is a complete contrast to the kind of music that we like to make. We’re big on the true meaning of punk, music without boundaries. You only get one shot at life; we’re trying to make the […]

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Mosaic Music Festival’s 8th edition presents “a true mosaic of sounds”

Mosaic Music Festival is a major music festival in Singapore, organized by Esplanade – Theaters on the Bay since 2005. Its originality stands in its unique format, and in the multi-music genres it proposes: 10 days for 18 ticketed shows, more than 100 free ones including intimate chat sessions with artists, plus 5 workshops. We had a conversation with Clarence […]

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2102.2012: 1 single release + 2 new videoclips by L’Alphalpha

L’Alphalpha has just released their 2nd Single, “Comet’s Tail” and 2 video clips from their albums, “About a Friend” and “Fall Asleep”. The pop-post-rock Indonesian band features Music Services Asia’s SEA Absolute Indie Compilation with “About a Friend”.     Listen to “Comet’s Tail”: Watch “About a Friend”: About a Friend [Official Video Clip] from L’Alphalpha on Vimeo. Watch “Fall […]

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FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2012 Malaysian debut

Missed the Laneway Festival in Singapore? Worry no more, cause South-East Asian music lovers are spoilt for choice in 2012. A recent announcement of Future Music Festival (FMF)’s Asian debut in Kuala Lumpur (MY) is set on 17 March, 2012. The lovechild of Australian entertainment mega-giant Future Entertainment and Malaysian counterpart, Livescape, Future Music Asia 2012 lineup combines the best […]

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Reports on Piracy: some Asian countries make it on Priority Watch List

  The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) has recently published their 2012 Special 301 Report on Copyright Protection and Enforcement, an annual report that reviews acts, policies, and practices of foreign countries’ protection of intellectual property rights and equitable market access. A few Asian countries appeared on the IIPA watch lists this year: those listed under the Priority Watch List are China, Indonesia and Thailand. Malaysia, Philippines […]

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‘Little Things’ video by Dr. EGGS

Dr. EGGS feature the Midem Sampler with 30 promising bands for Europe, available on iTunes:

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