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Presenting Army of Jade Kirin玉麟军 (CN)



Music genre: Chineses Rock – alternative metal, shock rock and industrial metal
Founded in: 2008.10.11
Location: Beijing, China
Yuan Qi: Vocal and Bass
Wu Yanshu: Guitar
Xiao Wu: Drums
Xiao Di: Sampler


“Follow your faith and your dream, and no underworld can halt your steps”. This is and will always be the belief of Army of Jade Kirin (AJK).

Jade (玉) is one of the Chinese characters with a long history, referring to anything and anyone good and beautiful. Kirin (麟) is a mythical creature which gathers all good sides of animals, and is also a symbol of all-conquering will and faith.

Army of Jade Kirin is China’s first alternative and industrial metal band, founded in October 2008. Yuan Qi was not satisfied with his current band’s musical direction, and decided to start a new band, following his own musical style. Yuan Qi gathered band members around him, but because of the divergence about the music concept, all of them left the band and Yuan Qi had to find new members.

From then on, Yuan Qi decided to be the take on the task of vocals and bass, among others. The newly formed band played regular small shows, gradually finding their own style. They quickly stood out among the biggest bands and built up a big huge fan base.

So far, AJK has released 2 EPs and several singles, which received a high appraisal from the rock music community. Some of the tracks featured the top Charts. Their live performances are known to be an ecstatic visual shock, and the band has been annually invited to the biggest music festivals in China such as Midi Music Festival and Strawberry Music Festival.

AJK won the Best Stage Visual Effect Award as well as the Best Chinese Band Award at the Wacken Open Air (WOA) Music Festival, where they were also nominated for the Annual Best New Artist. In 2012, the band was invited by the Korean government to enter the Asian Music Forum and represent the Chinese Rock movement. AKJ received high praises and was able to get a good exposure to other Asian countries’ record companies, thanks to this international window.

This year, AJK’s albums and singles are finally going to be available on iTunes and other music platforms, with the hope of achieving good results in the international market.

AJK uses their strengths, insistence and music creativity to attract attention on the Chinese Rock circle. It is no surprise that they are described as “a good blend of musical and commercial sense, with a twist of fusion.” With these great assets, AJK has the inner resources to achieve even more on and off the stage. This is just the beginning for this young and powerful band, and their future is very promising.


Music Festivals history (short)

2013.04.30 – Midi Music Festival (Beijing)
2013.04.29 – Strawberry Music Festival (Beijing)
2012.10.02 – Asian Music Forum (Korea)
2012.05.01 – Midi Music Festival (Beijing)
2012.04.30 – Changjiang International Music Festival (Zhenjiang City, JiangSu Province)
2012.04.29 – Strawberry Music Festival (Beijing)
2010.07.02 – InMusic Festival (Zhangbei, HeBei Province)
2010.05.04 – Midi Music Festival (Beijing)
2010.05.01 – Strawberry Music Festival (Beijing)


Buy on iTunes: RockLady – EP – Army of Jade Kirin – Party Fire – Army of Jade Kirin