Culture, Interviews — May 3, 2013 at 3:15 pm

Pulso’s Throbbing Melodies Hits Wanderland




Filipino’s Pulso have described their own music as a place in your heart where melodies throb indefinitely and notes put rhythm in your soul. A fitting – and deep – description for the band whose name translates to ‘pulse’ in English. Rob Mananquil, the brainchild behind the band’s eccentric name, joined with Franco Malaya and Matt Warren are the force behind the music. Their songs comprise of mostly instrumental works of art that will have you floating in the clouds, figuratively of course.

The trio are playing at Wanderland Music & Arts Festival, Manila’s first outdoor music festival on the 18th May. Rob tips us on which bands are a must-watch at the festival as well as other local acts to keep an out for.

Music Weekly: Who will you be fan-girling over at the festival?

Robby Mananquil: Besides all the foreign acts, Up Dharma Down and Yolanda Moon. It’s always an honor to share the stage with them!

Wanderland will attract many types of people, some of whom may not necessarily be there to see you. How do you win over a crowd and what can people who haven’t seen you live expect?

We will be there to do only one thing: share our love for music. We hope to catch them from the first note onwards. We will play as if it were the last gig on earth and we will dance the night away together.

What are the must-haves on your band rider for a large show like Wanderland?

A fun crowd willing to listen to new music.

Which Filipino artists are you digging right now?

We really admire and look up to artists from Terno Recordings, bands like: Up Dharma Down, Encounters with a Yeti, Musical O, Sleepwalk Circus, Radio Active Sago Project, Yolanda Moon and Maude.

If your band were a sandwich, describe what your fillings would be.

Smooth and organic taste that gets trance-inducing with a surprise filling inside that will lead to an intense burst of flavour.





Catch Pulso’s ‘intense burst of flavour’ at Wanderland on the 18th May at Globe Circuit Event Grounds. Nab your tickets here.
As part of our pre-coverage of the festival we’re interviewing all artists on the bill so stay tuned for more!