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Release: Retox’D – Year of the Dragon


Hip-hop from Hong Kong? Not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the music landscape in this country! But that’s without taking into account the inquisitive mind of Love Da Records, always on the edge of newness. Their most recent signature belong to Retox’D, a quirky trio that will shake good manners with their debut release Year of the Dragon on the 21st of January. Get a first glimpse of their musical world before we catch them for a chat next week!

Retox'D - Year of the Dragon

Artist Name: Retox’D
Title Name: Year of the Dragon
Label: Love Da Records

The Hong Kong three-man ensemble is set to unveil their debut album this January. A triadic bond between a photographer, a teacher and a surgeon may sound like a bizarre mix however, it’s this stark contrast that gives Retox’D their rounded sound and raw style in delivery. Their infusion of electronic, hip-hop, funk and rock underlines their ambitions of creating innovative music that breaks away from conventions yet delicate enough to not alienate common listeners. Year of the Dragon features 11 eclectic tracks covering a spectrum of everyday and controversial topics from modern politics and societal pressures to sex, drugs and strippers.

Exploring the increasing tension between people in HK and on the mainland, Year of the Dragon is loaded with electronic rifts, simple verses and a Beastie Boy-esque overture. Featuring the dynamic Mastamic with his trademark accelerated canto-rap, his sudden yet subtle introduction into the chorus is refreshing and adds an element of rawness to the overall vibe giving listeners a glimpse of what to expect in this record.

‘Falling on Deaf Ears’ is a late night tale, a wind-down ballad addressing the hardships of finding ones identity in a hectic city like Hong Kong. A slow and steady flow, deep mellow beats and intermittent lyrics gives this track its calming effect. Much praise goes to pro background artist Gloria Tang with her soothing vocals enabling the track to reach new heights. Featured in the Sony FS700 promo video (The making of One Night in a Carpark), ‘Falling on Deaf Ears’ represents the softer and more sensual side of Retox’D.

With techno-flavored beats as the backbone and transitions of funk as the meat “…this track is purely about having fun with music creativity” states Teoh. ‘Icemen’ will surely be a favorite among electronica fans. Written and recorded immediately after, ‘Kill the Bag’ falls under the same creative context and connotes the necessity of kicking old habits whilst moving forward with life.

Video collaborations see Dan F (Disuye Productions/Midnight & Co) directing ‘Icemen’, with stunning ominous, holographic renders of Retox’D. Having worked with HK pop idols Twins, Leo Koo, Hotcha, GEM (to name a few), the highly sought after Welby Kuen (鐘偉權) directed both ‘Kill the Bag’ and ‘Year of the Dragon’ in his signature style; mixing still shots with fast frames. And lastly, able to attract every A-lister in town, Paul Tsang (曾力山) adds to the repertoire and chips in his directing talent in all teasers and video promo material.

Watch “Icemen” video clip:

“Retox’D music is like REDBULL for my trip! It just keeps me going on and on and on. HK needs this shit!! I love it!!” Kelvin Li Aka: Kevin Boy – 情義兩難全之玩爆你個腎

“…super skilled in making party music but their music also makes you question your values and important things in life.” Yuen Chi Chung / 袁智聰

“Retox’D is a paradoxical romance. Cheeky yet genuine. Edgy yet developed.” GCgoobi / 卓韻芝




Retox’D is everything the their name suggests plus a hell of a lot more! Their signature style is a fantastic collision of hip-hop, electro, funk and rock. “Our music is a fusion of different styles. We wanted to create a new sound representing todays generation… something we could give to local music scenes al over the world but in particular Hong Kong.” The result is an accessible sound that’s subversive and modern.

Key members include Nick Dynamo (mc/lyrics), Christian Gia aka Flake (vocals/lyrics) and Anthony,  (dj/producer) commonly known as Teoh. The group formed in 2009, shortly after Teoh completed a set of background beats for Nick at a freestyle event (HK Live) in 2009. The philosophy of Retox’D is straightforward: music that appeals to rockers, ravers and rappers alike; an innovative sound that ties together an amalgam of musical styles seamlessly. The trio owes their synergy to contrasting styles throughout their development. Coming from entirely different backgrounds, the trios’ synergy comes fro their contrasting styles. Each member brings their own musical flavor, influences and experience to the table. Nick D, a fashion photographer from Vancouver was raised on 90’s West Coast hip-hop with the likes of Grand Puba, Pharcyde and Del the Funky Homosapien as his main influences. Teoh the HK based surgeon, grew up with heavy metal but later drew inspirations from Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox and Adam Beyer. He started honing his electronic productions skills and quickly established himself as one of HK’s leading techno DJs in the underground scene. Last but not least, the full-time French teacher and die-hard Nirvana fan, Christian aka ‘Flake,’ completes the diversity of Retox’D with his rock & roll edge.

First gaining attention at the 2011 China PlanetRox Competition where they narrowly lost out to indie sweethearts, Noughts & Exes, word spread of a new vigorous ‘electro-hop’ group resulting in a string of performances including events with PUSH, YUMLA and ARE FRIENDS ELECTRIC? at XXX. Most notable gig sees a Love Da Records invitation to support French-pop sensation Yelle, at a sold-out Grappa’s Cellar.

With growing number of fans and loyal supporters, the trio is planning to release their debut album, Year of the Dragon, in January 2013.  Confirmed collaborators boast celebrated directors, Paul Tsang, Welby Kuen and Dan F along with the pro artists’ Gloria Tang, Mastamic and more. “We’re not only interested in making music, we also want to bring out unique live performance to stimulate the audience” voices Teoh. “We’re into collaborations, particularly with visual artists who can add extra dimensions to our existing layers.” The band is currently working on a third music video, Year of the Dragon with Welby Kuen

Retox’D are currently sponsored by Native Instruments, Dssent and TDK and have recently been signed to Indie-faithful’s Love Da Records.