Album Reviews, Releases — February 18, 2015 at 1:17 pm

REVIEW: The Cambodian Space Project – I’m Unsatisfied


im unsatisfied

It’s always intriguing when you click on a band’s Facebook page and of their 10,000 odd followers, you have 4 friends from different countries of origin and with wildly divergent music tastes that all ‘like’ their music. So began my foray into Cambodian Space Project and ironically enough, the first single that I am to hear from the band is also the first release the band ever made. Originally released as a limited edition 7″ vinyl (the first Vinyl release by a Cambodian band since 1972!), The Cambodian Space Project’s I’m Satisfied has been made available in digital format across Asia for the first time by Metal Postcard records through Valleyarm digital distributors.


The western rock band is fronted by feisty female Cambodian singer, Srey Thy and revives the cheerfully hybrid pop that dominated Phnom Penh in the 60s and 70s. With a divergent range of influences and members, the band are comprised of, according to their Facebook page  “a cosmic cross-culture rendezvous featuring space trippers from various planets to beam its unique mix of space rock, surf, reggae dub, Khmer Surin, Cambodian rock psychedelica out of this world and into another.”


The 3 track EP begins with the title track, positively emanating a 60s surf rock vibe, like a song trapped in a time capsule but equally relevant now as it would have been in the late 60s where you can imagine it would have been flooding the GI radio’s airwaves across the Vietnam War era. The track begins with a guitar line is punctuated by the sharp vocals of Srey Thy, singing in her native Khmer. Following a well worn formula from 60s surf rock tracks, it urges listeners to their feet.

A more laid back vibe follows in ‘If You Go I Go Too’ with twanging guitars and accordions providing the backdrop to Thy’s vocals. Finally, the layered instrumentals in ‘I’m still Waiting For You’ takes influence from female Cambodian singer Sinn Sisamouth’s powerful rendition of  ‘House of The Rising Sun’ from the 1960’s, making for an enthralling cultural exchange program.
It’s clear to see how The Cambodian Space Project have managed to accrue supporters from across the globe. Their unique sound really is out of this world.


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