Releases, Rock — February 19, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Superband The Oktaves Launches Debut Album


Superband The Oktaves successfully launched their self-titled debut album last Sunday, performing all of their 12 tracks. 

The band, composed of musicians from three generations of Original Pilipino Music (OPM): Nitoy Adriano (guitars), a legendary blues guitarist best known for his long stint with The Jerks, Ely Buendia (vocals/ guitars), one of the most influential rock icons in the country and the trio of Chris Padilla (vocals/ guitars), Ivan Garcia (bass) and Bobby Padilla (drums) who broke into the scene just a couple of years ago with their fresh take on rockabilly with their band Hilera, were able to produce an album that deconstructs modern rock into a collection of songs which represent country, blues, and rockabilly with touches of everything else in between. It may be stripped down rock music but the complexity and depth of the lyrics and melodies show the experience and sheer musical talent of each individual member. 

Sharing singing duties, Ely Buendia and Chris Padilla take the mic for each of the song that they wrote themselves: Buendia lends a country feel with the track “Olivia” while Padilla shifts to blues with “Ikot”. Both have also penned faster and heavier songs like “Gone, Gone, Gone” and “Hold on Tight”, their partnership said to be reminiscent of the lengendary Lennon-McCartney pairing.

Old and new fans of the members’ separate projects, as well as including fellow musicians, have been treated to several live performances in the past few months, creating a tremendous buzz on The Oktaves as a single unit.


The Oktaves – KPL



The Oktaves is now out in CDs under MCA Music at Astroplus, Odyssey and SM Record Bar. It is also available digitally via iTunes and