Dance / Electro, Releases — October 18, 2013 at 10:00 am

V for Vandetta


Vandetta EP

After releasing the album Octover with Jason Tan as alternative electronic duo Octover in January this year, Singaporean multi-facet artist Vanessa Fernandez embarked on a solo project under her pseudonym Vandetta. Her first EP, Vandetta, came out on October 15th under the audio visual collective Syndicate.

Written and recorded by Vandetta alone in two separate parts of the globe – Los Angeles and Singapore – this album is about soul and electronic music, further taking the voice to its boundaries, using it as an instrument by deconstructing, mixing and extracting its core. Recalling Camille or Björk’s vocal experimentations, Vandetta also aligns itself with the resurgence of soul music in its modern repetition. Take AlunaGeorge, Jessie Ware or FKA twigs’ latest offerings and you get the picture. What’s interesting though is that Vandetta is clearly not from the UK, and her music has a distinct touch. Her creation process between a country where culture is not deeply rooted in people’s habits (Singapore) and a country of overconsumption and open-mindedness (the US) results in a minimalistic and meticulous musical landscape.

The five songs of Vandetta oscillate between contemplative ambient roll-outs (“Walls”, “Myne”, “Ground Zero”) and ampler electro-driven tracks (“Number One” and the amazing and very sticky “Fly”). Each of them is carefully crafted, playing on repetitions and additions to slowly create momentum. The EP continuity itself is not blatant as it opens the doors to Vadetta’s inner world but doesn’t slack enough to take a walk around. But Vandetta surely presages more delicate and heady tracks to lose ourselves to in the near future.