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“Look, we are not old!” An interview with Retox’D


Hi guys! We’ve learnt last week that your trio comes from pretty surprising horizons. How did you come up as a band?

To begin, Retox’d is Teoh – a surgeon by day, a DJ by night, Nick D – fashion photographer and rapper, and Flake – French teacher and vocals. The thing is, our backgrounds are very different too. Teoh studied in Australia (yeah mate!) and is into electronic music. Nick D was a rapper from Canada. Flake was in Boston and loves indie rock. We started off when Nick D and Teoh hooked up for a show. Afterwards we threw Flake in the mix and voila, Retox’d was born!

How would you describe hip-hop as a genre in Hong Kong and in Asia?

It’s a cultural reference nowadays in Asia. Here, we are transforming hip-hop and making it culturally significant. It has become the language of expression and has spawned numerous styles, all with their distinct flavour and sound.

What’s your musical background? Where do you draw your inspiration?

We all come from different musical backgrounds. Teoh was an electronic DJ and played in numerous parties in Hong Kong whilst Nick D has been rapping with his 108 posse for some time. Flake has been in and out of the scene. He was once a choirboy! We draw inspiration from a lot of artists and but our bond is significant as we are all from the same generation. Look, we are not old!


How does rapping in Cantonese differ from rapping in English? Which poses more of a challenge?

This is a good one… definitely Cantonese. In Cantonese we have 9 different tones and to be able to rhyme and deliver with reason. It’s tough! Any time the tone is slightly off, it could be a completely different and sometimes opposite word. It’s challenging but fun. No comparison, wait til we bust some lines in French.

Hip-hop artists are known to actively seek collaborations with other artists across various genres. Who would you like to collaborate with from the Hong Kong music scene and why?

We have already collaborated with Mastamic, an amazing rapper from Hong Kong on our track “Year of The Dragon” and Ultrapink, a 2-girl electronic group. We like their sound and have already begun recording something basic with them. We’re looking at collaborating with artists not just in hip-hop but also across all cultures & art; rock, electronic, pop, interpretive dance etc. We don’t really want to be labelled as a hip-hop trio because we are much more than that!

We hope you like the album! Looking forward to performing live in SG very soon!


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