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REVIEW: Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods



Artist Name: Amon Amarth
Title Name: Deceiver of the Gods
Label: Metal Blade
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini


It’s hard to ask for a band to be more metal than Amon Amarth. With their rugged looks with long hair and mighty beards, viking themes, powerful music – everything about them is just so metal! Sounding like a cross between New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) and a classic Scandinavian death metal band – I for one hear a lot of Entombed and Unleashed in their music – they’ve got metal in their blood, their past and their influences.

New release Deceiver of the Gods is everything you might expect from Amon Amarth: massive riffs and bottom-end epic guitar leads, mighty growls, mind-blowing rhythms – truly high and mighty melodeath. The opus opens with the title track which introduces the whole thing in grand style: catchy riffs, epic and loud vocal lines, neck-breaking tempo. You just put this album and start rockin’ out straight away. Standout comes next with “As Loke Falls” which brings one of their best guitar melodies of the past few albums – what an awesome song! Later on, “Under Siege” explores their groovier side with another brilliant set of licks in the middle of the track. “Hel” is a pleasant surprise, a doomy tune peppered by the one and only Godfather of Doom, Mr. Messiah Marcolin of the Candlemass fame. It might not be the best song in the album, but it deserves to be noted and noticed for this very reason, at least.

This album shows that Amon Amarth might not have reached their peak in creativity yet – but who the hell knows when the peak is, as it’s very subjective anyway? They’ve been delivering consistently good albums over the past ten to fifteen years. There is neither much variation nor much variety in their music, but hey, Vikings are known for two things: brutal behavior and one-track-mind mentality!


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Deceiver of the Gods - Amon Amarth