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REVIEW: Annihilator – Feast



Artist Name: Annihilator
Title Name: Feast
Label: UDR
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini


If compared with its neighbour United States, Canada’s contribution to metal may seem slim. But one has to remember that first, the population up there is much smaller, and second, that quantity and quality are not directly related, especially in music. So the handful of metal bands that come from the land of the maple leaf are nothing but remarkable including Razor, Anvil, Exciter, Voivod and of course, Annihilator. The latter is another proof that the metal dudes from Canada are resilient, talented, and they keep plodding against all trends and hurdles of the music industry.

Their fourteenth studio album to date, Feast, has all their trademarks and then some unmistakable razor-sharp riffs from founding member Jeff Water’s guitar, bold blend of thrash and traditional metal, and head-banging tunes intertwined with surprisingly melodic ballads. Opening track “Deadlock” unleashes the fury and will rip your neck off if you’re not too careful. “No Way Out” slows things down a little bit, and brings licks that took me on a trip down memory lane, back to the days of the magnificent Never, Neverland. “Smear Campaign” picks up the speed again, and is the album standout – after all this band always had speed as one of their unhidden secrets. “Wrapped” grooves hard with interesting lyrics – kids out of the living room, please – while “Perfect Angel Eyes” is such a cheesy but good ballad that you will think you’ve hit shuffle by accident on your player. 

Most editions of the album come with a significant number of bonus tracks – for Feast it is fifteen re-recordings of their classic songs. A respectful attempt (also perpetrated by other bands of the genre), but these re-recordings can’t possibly rub shoulders with the originals, I’m afraid – but nice to have them anyway. The whole album is solid, fun, well-produced and it will possibly break your neck and crush your bones.



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