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Review: DragonForce – The Power Within


 Artist Name: DragonForce
Title Name: The Power Within
Label: 3Wise Records
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini

Those who thought about ten years ago that nothing else could be invented in the world of power metal were surprised by the fast rise of English powerhouse, DragonForce. Their approach to the genre has a lot in common with golden heroes of the past (and present) such as Helloween or HammerFall, but is also refreshing in its own way.

This will sound obvious for those who know the band, but anyway their ultra-fast tempo, ridiculously skilled guitar playing, and video-game like sound effects brought the genre to the 21st century. Now after a few years down the road, in which they’ve quickly established themselves as a band to watch, they suffered a significant line-up change: the vocals. Enter Marc Hudson, and new album The Power Within is his second trial by fire, the first being having to tour with the band immediately after joining.

The mission has been accomplished we might say. His voice suits the band very well, the album sounds authentic and fans will not be disappointed. “Holding On” opens the opus in ultra-fast speed and with a chorus full of hooks. “Fallen World” follows suit, quite on the same pace, while “Cry Thunder” brings the tempo down and the mood up with its epic flavour and its beautiful guitar solos. “Give Me the Night”, the best in the album, brings back the speed and introduces a remarkable layer of voices backing up said singer… what a song! “Wings of Liberty” is tricky, starts as a ballad with a piano intro and all, but then explodes into furious madness… the real ballad was yet to come: “Seasons”, cheesy and slower, will nevertheless keep your heartbeat up with its beautiful melodies.

Towards the end the pace picks up again, and ends in a high note with the majestic “Last Man Stands”. Depending on the market, fans might get an acoustic rendition of “Seasons” as a bonus amidst other surprises.

All in all a well-rounded effort that shows a mature band that despite what some might think take their work and their music very seriously, and continue to produce melodic metal spiced by guitars that sound like they came from a Nintendo video game or an instructional video – and that’s the beauty of it, as nobody else seems to have that.


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