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REVIEW: Finntroll – Blodsvept


Artist Name: Finntroll
Title Name: Blodsvept
Label: Century Media
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini

Writing about yet another folk metal band from Finland might look like more of the same or yesterday’s news, right? After all, that region of the planet probably has one metal band in every corner of every town. But Finntroll were one of the first to expand the boundaries of the genre, and still are one of the ‘must have’ bands if you’re into that genre.

Their sixth studio album Blodsvept consolidates their position as leaders of the pack, and while it doesn’t really break into new ground, it is a pretty enjoyable collection of tunes. The intro/title track might sound a bit scary and might seem to denote a much heavier album, but the whole material presented here is quite cheerful – as cheerful as folk metal with black metal influences can be.

All songs follow pretty much the same formula – in the core, heavy riffs and raw brutality set the tone, but on top of that all sorts of unexpected melodies and vocals that go from very harsh to almost epic show that this is another unique delivery by the Finnish legends.

If I had to single out a few tracks, they would be “När Jättar Marschera” for its monstrous eerie riffs and its remarkable vocal lines, “Rösets Kung” for its beautiful and off-the-wall combination of ancient melodies and modern brutality, and “Häxbrygd” for its sharp steer into pure heaviness towards the end of the album.

All of the songs are sung again in Swedish… no, it’s not a misprint, the band is Finnish, but some members were from a minority that spoke Swedish hence the apparent confusion. And their black metal influences are still pretty much evident here, peppering the vocals and a lot of the chord progressions used throughout the album.

So again while I don’t think the band has broken any new ground here, they seem to be happy to keep what they already have: quickly achieved respect for being one of the most promising folk metal bands coming from the promised land of heavy (and folk) metal.


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Blodsvept - Finntroll


Finntroll – Häxbrygd