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Artist Name: LOUISAHHH!!!
Title Name: Transcend EP
Label: Bromance
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

Sometimes there’s nothing like a bit of dark, aggressive techno to get your week started. Released through Brodinski and Gesaffelstein‘s Bromance imprint (which I legitimately thought until recently was a two artist exclusive sort of deal), LOUISAHHH!!!‘s “Transcend” single squares up to the task with two booming, deep and driven techno tracks to take you back to the night.

From the first second of the A-side it’s pretty easy to see why LOUISAHHH!!! appealed to the Bromance boys. In fact, you’d be forgiven for confusing the intro with Gesaffelstein’s remix of Sei A‘s “Body of Eyes”, however it’s not long before LOUISAHHH!!! shows that she’s far from theft. Skipping hats, ambient echoes and beautifully layered wall of vocal lines lapping in and out to keep energy high across a tense track. It’s been done before, but the young New Yorker definitely shows how well she can do it.

“In My Veins” eases up on the throttle a little, delivering a smoother groove through extended bass slides. It’s not all smooth though and LOUISAHHH!!!’s vocal cuts just out of the center of the mix to create a sexy, syncopated feel across the track. Though it sometimes feels a little limp next to “Tap My Wire”, the track is top notch on its own and worthy of the attention it’s been receiving lately.



Bromance #9: Transcend - Single - Louisahhh!!!