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Review: Nicolas Jaar – Time for Us EP


Artist Name: Nicolas Jaar
Title Name: Time for Us EP
Label: Wolf & Lamb/Clown & Sunset
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

I’m not one to go weak at the knees, but over the last year, I’ve developed a mighty admiration for the unique style and choice productions flowing from Nicolas Jaar. Having descended so far down this particularly abyss, it’s taken me a while to decide which release would be best to bring you over to my way of thinking. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t want to scare you off, but I decided to keep it simple and start you off where I began, the Time For Us EP.

The title track “Time For Us” is  pretty hard to ignore and shows right away why Jaar is a cut above. Creating both movement and melancholy, the track sets a stony, grim scene only matched by the waver of Nicolas’ voice. It’s the only track I’ve heard make a whooping party soundbite sound cold and empty. The track builds and builds until it reaches a slow, rolling peak and just as the momentum starts to really push the track through the room, everything slows to a dragging tempo. Aside from the ludicrous crowd hyper in Kill Frenzy’s “Booty Clap“, I can’t recall a mid-song slow down that works so well as the “Time for Us”‘ seminal moment.

The EP’s B-Side, “Mi Mujer”, hints at Nicolas’ versatility. Keeping the creep level in his voice high with echo, Jaar layers percussion (traditional and electronic), bass, samples and melodies masterfully to create something undefinable (skip ahead to the 2:20 mark and feast your ears on what I can only guess is a synthetic oboe breaking it down).

The great thing about this EP is the motion. Each track shouldn’t move the way it does, but somehow Nico brings a solid, stomp-able element through a mix that should by all rights fully be focused elsewhere. Listen now, thank me later.


Nicolas Jaar – Time for Us

Nicolas Jaar’s Time for Us EP is available on iTunes.