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REVIEW: Running Wild – Resilient



Artist Name: Running Wild
Title Name: Resilient
Label: Gun
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini


Inventors of pirate metal and precursors of proper power/speed metal, Running Wild are, beyond the shadow of a doubt, one of the most metal bands in the planet. True to their origins, faithful to the basics of the genre and owners of an extensive and stellar career, they are what metal is all about: fun, debauchery, heavy riffs, loud music and why not, pirate mentality! For the delight of all their fans, Running Wild keep sailing under the jolly roger, full speed ahead, navigating through all sorts of musical trends and personal hardships. 

Their 15th studio album is out and is aptly entitled Resilient – as this is what this band is! All the joy of their slightly melodic and highly contagious brand of metal is unleashed on the opening track “Soldiers of Fortune” – immediately chosen as one of the favourites of the album. The title track follows in a more groovy fashion – Running Wild always have a few of these slower tempo tracks peppered out in their albums. But the real highlights of this album come towards the end. “Run Riot” is a magnificent metal/rocker tune with all the essential hooks and captivating melodies only this band can bring to the table. And keeping their tradition of closing albums with long tracks, “Bloody Island” is an intense progression from acoustic chanting to powerful epic metal.

Running Wild’s 1984-1995 era is a gold mine, 10 out of 10 for any decent metal aficionado. Since then, they’ve produced several decent but not always brilliant albums. This might be another one of them, but only because they had set their bar too high in the past. But if you compare this with all the mediocre attempts at metal albums out there these days, it will surely stand out nevertheless.