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REVIEW: U.D.O. – Steelhammer


UDO - Steelhammer

Artist Name: U.D.O.
Title Name: Steelhammer
Label: AFM
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini


With the exception of the Scorpions, German legends Accept were probably that country’s most influential rock/metal bands of all time. One cannot think about the eighties metal without mentioning them. Their albums, songs and videos were quintessential, and quite fundamental in defining the genre. Lead singer Udo Dirkschneider left the band in the eighties to form his own act U.D.O. and that has been going on since then, albeit with some hiatuses caused by his return to the mother band. U.D.O. reach their fourteenth full-lengh with Steelhammer, which can best be described as a solid collection of classic tunes for the eighties metal afficionado.

Title track opens the release in full speed, razor-blade sharp riff cutting the listener right in the throat from the first few seconds. ‘A Cry of a Nation’ breaks down the tempo but keeps the heaviness up – sounding even more Accept-ish than the first tune. ‘Metal Machine’ is exactly what the title suggests: pounding metal, mid-tempo, hair-lifting guitars, sing-along chorus. ‘Basta Ya’ is an interesting tune, as it is sung in good Spanish – Udo meets Baron Rojo is what comes to mind. ‘Heavy Rain’ is a surprisingly good ballad while ‘Devil’s Bite’ – and the rest of the album for that matter – recovers the same metallic stance defined in the first half of the album, and on this legendary’s singer entire career.

This proves once more that old school dudes still got what it takes to kick some behinds in the world of metal. Udo and his competent band are certainly showing the newer generations of metal where the good stuff comes from. Decades of hard work, attitude, and seminal German metal releases in the resumé, and no sign of slowing down – thank you Udo!


Watch the videoclips for “Heavy Rain” and “Metal Machine”: