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Revisiting The Trees & The Wild


The Trees & The Wild are renowned throughout South-East Asia for their innovative musical blend of post-rock, experimental and folk stylings, underpinned with a distinctly Indonesian identity. To the delight of their fans, the band will be bringing their intense, trance-inducing live performances across oceans to the international stage in September, performing at Reeperbahn Festival’s first-ever South-East Asian showcase followed by a host of European dates. Music Services Asia catches up with The Trees & The Wild before they embark on this journey to find out more about their much-awaited sophomore release and their thoughts on the upcoming tour.

Music Services Asia: How are you preparing for Reeperbahn Festival?

The Trees & The Wild: We are preparing everything for the Reeperbahn Festival, practicing and recording an EP to accompany this tour. But most important, we prepare our own health.

What are you most looking forward to with regards to Reeperbahn Festival and the upcoming European tour?

A new experience playing in Europe. I don’t know, we’ve never played in Europe before so we’ll just hope for the best. A mosh pit would be nice :p he he he.

What do you think is the most important factor for a band from Asia to break into the international market?

Be original and play with tender…

Will The Trees & The Wild be putting out any new material anytime soon?

We’re writing new songs for our second album, and we are planning to release it in 2013. 

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

Hello guys, support us on Togather.Asia to realize the upcoming European Tour including Reeperbahn Fest in Hamburg in September 2012. Go to thanks 🙂