Buzz — October 24, 2013 at 2:58 pm

5 Pop Star Costumes for your Halloween


If there’s any event in a year where the world suddenly seems like a big costume party, it’s definitely Halloween. Through the years, we’ve seen people pull off more or less ridiculous costumes from popular characters – fictional or not. For the kids at heart, there will always be the Marvel comic superhero. Some would go with their iconic movie character – someone from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction or God forbid, those yellow trackies from Kill Bill. Today, we sat on our thinking chairs and drew inspiration from 2013’s most epic music moments (yet) and came up with our favorite Halloween costume picks.


Robin Thicke’s Striped Suit

robin article

So you wanna look dapper without going as Mad Men‘s Don Draper for the nth time – that’s easy: show up with some stripes and Ray Bans. You’re Robin Thicke at the VMAs! Given that the whole performance pretty much seemed like “The Miley Show”, Robin got a fair amount of attention that night, which will make your costume totally memorable. For some, you’d be that guy who sang “Blurred Lines”, for others, you’re that guy Miley Cyrus harassed with her twerking. You’d be the party’s stud.


Miley and the Foam Finger

miley articleWe’re almost sure that there would be hundreds of Miley copycats running around on Halloween. With the amount of “Wrecking Ball” parodies surfacing on the internet, we won’t be surprised if some dude or chick shows up in the party wearing that white outfit with a sledgehammer (possible making out with the construction tool, possible). We think Miley and the foam finger is better though – for one thing, the finger isn’t as heavy as the sledgehammer and it is far safer. You can even find Robin Thicke in his striped suit at the party and dance with the guy. Don’t forget to stick out your tongue for the ultimate Miley performance.


Katy Perry’s “Roar”

purry articleJane of the Jungle just got famous…again, thanks to Katy Perry’s music video for Prism‘s first single, “Roar”. Finding the costume wouldn’t be hard, and we bet that once the DJ plays “Roar” (and this will happen, they play that song everyday, anywhere), everyone would turn to you and give you that moment. Take it, sing your heart out and dance.


Daft Punk

daft article

So you like robots – you’re the guy who goes Tron extreme on Halloweens. This time, keep your robot face and don some sparkly sequined jackets with your buddy. You two now make Daft Punk, the multi-Grammy award artist who could make everyone lose themselves to dance. Sure, going to a party as Daft Punk isn’t a new idea – but with the release of Random Access Memories earlier this year, the idea just got cooler. Also, at least now they know that you’re up all night to get lucky.


Ylvis’ “The Fox”

ylvis articleIf it wasn’t for these Norwegian boys, you would just look like Taylor Swift’s band member from her “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” music video. To avoid the confusion, you can start yelling “Ring-ding-ding-dingeringeding” in between your sentences. Honestly, you would be the coolest guy in the party. You’re like the guy who dressed up as Psy in 2012. You’re the ‘in’ thing. That is, if there aren’t about five of you who showed up with the same costume. But that’s fine, you guys can form a pack and run around howling and singing “Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho!” It would be hilarious.

So there you have it. Five amazing costumes that could easily make you the star of Halloween. Now go to that party and make us proud!