Buzz — August 1, 2013 at 11:28 pm

July “Summer” Break


July is pretty much mid-summer in the Northern Hemisphere and after a quiet June, things are slowly picking up again.

While there hasn’t been too many concerts to go to as compared to May, it doesn’t mean that there wasn’t anything interesting happening at all. July 6 was the concert of K-pop super group, Super Junior at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.


Super Junior © Running Into The Sun

I should confess that I’m a huge fan of Super Junior and I actually flew up to Seoul earlier this year in March to watch their Super Show 5 twice. Yes, I watched it twice in Seoul and once again Singapore.

I’m not being a biased fan when I say this: Super Show 5 is indeed a super show! Every Super Show 5 is at least 3.5 hours of song, dance and entertainment that one has come to expect from these veteran entertainers. Usually, the Singapore dates for a Super Show are pretty uneventful compared to the rest of the tour. But this year, it was interestingly a date that will go down in the history of Super Junior. After all the fun and games during the concert, Eunhyuk made a surprising return to the stage after the house lights came on to make a statement about Super Junior members Henry Lau and Zhou Mi. It was so impromptu and unplanned that his speech (in Korean) was not translated by the translator. Needless to say, despite the camera ban at the concert, many fans still sneaked in a camera and at the request of Eunhyuk, they videoed the whole speech and uploaded it to the internet.

Oh the drama that ensued in the fandom that night!

Anyway, immediately after this Super Show 5 was Ronan Keating‘s concert on July 8 at the Star Performing Arts Centre.


Ronan Keating © SpinOrBinMusic/Dan Walsh

I’m probably being partial here but honestly, after watching a Super Show, you’ll feel like a concert less than 3 hours is too short. 🙂

Ronan Keating belted out 18+2 songs that night from his solo albums over the last 10 years or so. He didn’t forget his boyband roots and sang “Separate Cars” from Boyzone as well.

Then on July 20, there was a Will Pan mando-pop concert at the Max Pavilion and a Korean reggae duo Haha & Skull showcase at Zouk on the same night.

Will Pan © Joyce Sim

Will Pan © Joyce Sim

While I was interested to check out both acts, there was no way to split myself up so I ended up going for the Will Pan concert. Even though I don’t usually listen to mando-pop music much, I did enjoy myself. I must give Will Pan kudos again because he was actually down with the flu that night and running a 38.7°C fever at some point earlier in the day!

Anyway, I hope there will be another chance to catch Haha & Skull live as I’ve heard many good stuff about their showmanship at the showcase in Singapore.

On July 27, YouTubers Jason Chen and Clara C also did a showcase at Zouk.


Jason Chen © Joyce Sim


Clara C © Joyce Sim

If it wasn’t highlighted that they were one of the biggest YouTube names that are unsigned, I would have thought that they were signed to some major label or something. They were really good.

Clara C was way more outgoing and bubbly while Jason Chen was more shy and reserved. Nevertheless, to each their charm/appeal. 🙂

So that said, August is starting to look crazy again with The xx, Pet Shop Boyz, Hacken Lee, Fall Out Boy, B.A.P., Skarf, Stereophonics, Lee Kwang Soo, Metallica, George Benson, Rocket To The Moon, Placebo, Anberlin, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Tonight Alive, A-Prince and Pitbull to look forward to!