Buzz — August 27, 2013 at 7:18 pm

One Direction “ouhlala”!


Of course we knew about the premiere of One Direction’s biopic This Is Us yesterday in New York, but we shamefully missed the release of the band’s very own fragrance entitled Our Moment, last weekend. Ah, these youngsters (or their marketers) have such a fine sense of humour!

Set up in a simple white studio, the five boys are presenting the ingredients that are probably gathered in the fragrance, and end up presenting the precious bottle’s shape. The clip’s soft atmosphere is underlined by Diana Vickers’ enchanting song “My Favourite Things”.

Yes, we could be in an Anaïs Anaïs or Kenzo Flower ad: it’s a real perfume commercial, but twisted with One Direction’s own zest – like Lady Gaga’s Fame or Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck.