Buzz — February 17, 2016 at 4:12 pm

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea is now a beekeeper


We all know celebrities can have some pretty strange habits. Jack White collects taxidermy, Dave Mustaine is a ninja, Eminem completely covers his hotel windows so he can sleep in pitch darkness and Nicolas Cage is certifiably insane.

In this spirit, bassist from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea, has just added himself to the list of ‘celebrities with weird hobbies’, taking to social media to show off his pets – all 200,000 of them. TMZ broke the news that he’s been posting pictures of “Flea’s bees” on social media over the past several weeks, like the one below:


Deep to the hive super organism. I love my bees. Flea's bees

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According to TMZ, Flea now has three beehives and has “mastered the craft” in just a few months. The insects are world’s bee population has been in decline for decades so Flea has taken it upon himself to try to ave the world, one bee at a time. The United States Department of Agriculture says that the amount of managed honey bee colonies in the U.S. has decreased from 5 million in the 1940s to only 2.5 million today.


But in the end, while some people may be cat people or dog people, it seems flea just really likes bees, putting quotes like these on his social media posts. “Me about to get busy with my beautiful little bees that I love” and “Pleezus more beezus” — he just really loves bees.

Let’s hope this flea doesn’t get bitten.

Me about to get busy with my beautiful little bees that I love

A photo posted by @sllollaryee on