Buzz — September 9, 2016 at 5:02 pm

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are in the midst of a digital popularity contest on Instagram


Last week Kim Kardashian West celebrated a huge celebrity milestone: officially being the most followed person on Instagram.


Boasting over 45 million followers, Kim edged out stars like Beyonce and Selena Gomez for the top spot and proceeded to thank her followers in the most Kim Kardashian way ever: Yet another selfie. It seems her celebrations may have been a little premature because less than five days later, she’s already been dethroned!


45 million Instagram followers!!!!! I love you guys!!!!!

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The celeb BFF of the masses, Taylor Swift has knocked Kim out of the top spot with 45.5 million followers compared to Ms West’s 45.4 million. making Taylor the newest reigning queen of Insta. As the numbers show, the race is pretty tight and it could well end up that the two see-saw back and forth over who’s the most popular.


For now, though, it’s pretty clear why Taylor is so worthy of the crown. Kim has managed to turn the sexy selfie thing into a legitimate science, but Taylor’s pics have generally shown her to be more versatile and relatable. Swift recently showed off her incredible handmade sweater (in her private plane), her ridiculously adorable cats or celeb boyfriend Calvin Harris, we’re thinking Taylor’s account may have more longevity, even without the extra cleavage.


That being said, Kim DOES have a baby boy on the way, and the only thing cuter than showing off your #squad is showing off newborn baby pics. And if that fails, all Kim has to do is speak to her husband – Kanye has proven he’s got no problems in cutting Swift down when he feels that others are more worthy of glory.


Taylor has yet to acknowledge her current position of undisputed queen of the Insta-verse (just the latest of her many accomplishments) but she better act fast. Things can change quickly in the digital fame world — just ask Kim.