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Serenaide takes the stage back at Mosaic


Serenaide is a discreet indie sextet from Singapore. After quite a long break (6 years), they are back for a special night that the audience will surely remember with tenderness: Serenaide + White Shoes and the Couples Company on Saturday 16th, 2013 – Living Room Stage at Mosaic Music Festival. Before that, let’s catch up with the band to see what happened to them in the past years and what’s cooking nowadays!


Hi! Serenaide has been around the Singaporean indie music scene for a while, but very discrete during the past six years. Did you go on doing music during this period?

Yea, we guess the hiatus was inevitable as we naturally veered towards family life and daily priorities. But we’ve never been away, really… The occasional jam/recording session(s) and the odd gig did bring us together from time to time; we kept the flame burning this way.

Musically, we did return to the studio to record new material. Then we took another hiatus mid-recording, and it’s been a while since! So we can’t say for now that it’ll ever see the light of day, but eventually we might get back on track : )


Would you say that the band’s sound has evolved? Where do get your musical inspiration from?

Back when we started in 1999, we managed with the traditional band setup of vocals/guitars/bass/drums. Having Nat & Eugene on board has enabled us to explore various musical possibilities; speaking of which, we’ll be introducing a fun new twist to our sound during Mosaic.

Lyrically, inspiration can originate from the most common of things like walking down a particular street to the most complex and bizzare thoughts.

So we try not to limit the subject matter that we are writing about.


The track “The Girl from Katong” features the soundtrack of the movie Sandcastle by Boo Junfeng. How did that happen? After this experience, have you considered to create music for other specific projects?

It happened by pure coincidence. Nat was the editor on the film. She and Junfeng were scouring the compilation boxset +65 indie underground for a suitable song for a (sex) scene and he picked “The Girl from Katong” without knowing that Nat was in the band. Happy coincidence!

As for whether or not we’ve considered writing music for film, well, it’s better to leave it to the pros for the sake of the film haha. But we all really dig movies, and if any local director wants to use our music in the films, the pleasure & privilege is ours.


You have a pretty cool slot at Mosaic Music Festival: Serenaide / White Shoes and the Couples Company twice on Saturday night. How do you like playing live? What do you expect from this gig?

WSatCC is a really good band. We shared the stage with them in Bandung back in 2005 and we’re honoured to be playing with them again this time. Playing live has always been exciting. Some of us still have to fend off stage fright even after so many years, but it really is a lot of fun. Crowd reaction is highly dynamic and we are sure bands feed off from the crowd’s energy to keep the show going on a high.

The Mosaic Living Room setting looks intimate and we’re looking forward to playing there!


Any word for your fans that will come to see you?

After the long drawn absence, we hope to see you guys this Saturday, maybe relive old memories and sing-alongs. Pey’s cleared his throat, Remy’s cleaned the mould off his guitar, Mimi’s changed her strings, Shak’s found his mallets, Eugene’s keyboard is still dirty and gross, and Nat’s bringing a new friend called Tintin. 

Be sure to catch the second set at 8:15 pm, it definitely won’t be a repeat telecast of the one at 6:15 pm : )


“Can’t you stay just a little longer…”


Mosaic Music Festival

16 Mar, Sat
6.15 – 7pm & 8.15 – 9pm

White Shoes & The Couples Company (Indonesia)
16 Mar, Sat
7.15 – 8pm & 9.15 – 10pm

More details on Serenaide Facebook page.