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Sophie Koh Finds Her Calling In Hong Kong and China


Sophie Koh China Tour

Sophie Koh is a citizen of the world. The pop singer/songwriter was born in New Zealand, grew up in Singapore and currently resides in Australia with a Chinese-Malaysian background. She is about to embark on her first international tour with her band to Hong Kong and China. But after playing music for over a decade, at what point does one decide to take the leap into expanding their musical voyage to new territories? Possibly fate? Or a calling? Whatever you call it, it was the natural feeling of being drawn to her native country of origin.

For those of us on the receiving end of the music that is about to be imparted our way, who is Sophie Koh? Sophie is very much a self-made musician and a DIY artist and has enjoyed much successes including being Unearthed by Australian radio network, Triple J, which essentially launched her career nationally. She was voted Best Female Artist in the AGE Music Awards and has made a string of appearances in television shows including drama soapie, Neighbours.

Sophie’s music is very much a reflection of who she is as a person, and that is humble, sincere and refreshing. She encapsulates these qualities into her own unique, quirky pop sound. But don’t let the word pop put you off. The genre is an expansive one, one that covers an array of styles (and levels of integrity) where Sophie is happily placed amongst the higher of her peers.

Sophie will be touring her catalogue of three albums and most recently her 2012 LP Oh My Garden which received much deserved glowing reviews from critics, Stack Magazine calling it, “One of the most captivating pop records of 2012”. A collaboration with fellow pop musician Ben Lee was brought on by a chance meeting on the set of Neighbours and his presence on the album is obvious throughout its entirety. Sophie agreed that he brought a certain “light and positivity” to their recordings and it definitely translates to beautiful, raw honesty that doesn’t intend to please anyone but in effect pleases everyone, which is something that Ben has been renowned to do with his own solo project.

Sophie’s music videos are just as enticing and are as much of a visual experience as they are about the music. “I Understand” is haunting, minimal, distressing and is a song that goes hand in hand with its clip. It’s a must-see to prep yourself for what is to come, Asia.


You can catch Sophie Koh  perform with China-based support act 16 Mins on her international tour starting in August.

14 July (Sun) Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford, Melbourne (warm up show before china tour)
1 August (Thurs) Hidden Agenda, Hong Kong
2 August (Fri) Shenzhen
3 August (Sat) C:Union, Guangzhou
7 August (Wed) 4698, Changsha
8 August (Thurs) VOX, Wuhan
9 August (Fri) Yuyintang, Shanghai
10 August (Sat) CMK, Ningbo
11 August (Sun)  696, Shanghai (free)
12 August (Mon) Zaozhuang
13 August (Tues) Qufu
14 August (Wed) Beijing University, Beijing
15 August (Thurs) Jianghu, Beijing
16 August (Fri) Little Bar, Chengdu
17 August (Sat) Nuts, Chongqing



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