Culture, Live Reviews — October 9, 2012 at 3:44 pm

Spector: Live in Singapore


Spector: slick, smooth and sensational. Dressed to the nines in sharp suits, the five-piece outfit from London proved to skeptics and naysayers who might have dismissed them as ‘all style’ by showcasing heaps of substance to back it up, marking an unforgettable first concert in Singapore last Thursday at Avalon. Fronted by the enigmatic Fred Macpherson, who was channeling the looks of Clark Kent with his trademark spectacles and dark hair, the band powered through a selection of fan favourites such as ‘Chevy Thunder’ and ‘Celestine’ from their debut record, ‘Enjoy It White It Lasts’. While Spector’s sound is nowhere close to ground-breaking, reminiscent instead of dancefloor-friendly indie-rock staples such as Pulp, The Killers and The Strokes, the band’s collective moxie and wonderfully dry British humour still made for a highly enjoyable live performance. Macpherson’s husky vocals undoubtedly lend Spector’s music an edge, effortlessly veering between commanding and tender, as evident on the track ‘Never Fade Away’. If you missed the lads, be comforted with the fact that they promised a second visit and check out these sweet snaps of the show below!

Photo credit: Dominic Phua 
Many thanks to Universal Music Singapore!