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Travel to the Moon with Stars and Rabbit


Music Weekly: Hi Stars and Rabbit! Could you describe your band’s history?

Adi: We formed at the end of 2011. We hadn’t been in touch with each other for a long time, however I had always thought of starting a project with Elda. Although it was only in my mind, nature eventually responded to my vision, and we met again to make a new project: Stars and Rabbit.

Elda: Adi is an old friend of mine and I was sure he could help me expand my thoughts into music. I was surprised to find out that he can do so much more than I had ever expected. And from that moment, I felt that this could become something big.

You’ve just been featured in the Rip Curl Surf and Music Festival in Bali. How was the experience?

Elda: It was surely the biggest, the best view from the stage so far and quite an interesting vibe! 😀

Adi: I think it was a valuable experience for us, I am always happy to perform in Bali, the city is still thick with culture and the people are very friendly. I am very grateful to Rip Curl for inviting us to be part of their event, and I hope to be right back to Bali soon for another great show.

Your music, lyrics and imaging are very delicate. How do you compose, and what inspires you in your day-to-day life?

Adi: I do not know, but I think all the experiences and the stories that have passed since the beginning really helped us in composing our Stars and Rabbit songs. I realize that in our country there are many things that are lacking, but the environment, family and nature here really helped us. I’ll always love this country with all its culture.

Elda: I’m inspired by everything that happens around me. Everything I see or feel matches the weather and boom, words are flowing and tones follow.

What are your upcoming plans for the band?

Elda: Finish the album, and start touring with it.

Adi: We always strive to finish our debut album, so it will be very useful for the continuation of our work. I also hope to travel around the world with our music, although sometimes there may be language barriers for me personally, I do not care about it all [hehe], but I will always try to understand it, because I appreciate all the nations on Earth.

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