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Surviving Music Festivals with Up Dharma Down


Up Dharma Down


Manila four-piece Up Dharma Down have been nailing the live scene in the Philippines with each and every set. It comes as no surprise that they were announced as one of the local support acts to play the inaugural Wanderland Music & Arts Festival in Manila next month. Opening for an international line-up – which boasts performances by Temper Trap, Neon Trees, Nada Surf, Avalanche City, Colour Coding and Tully on Tully – and claiming ownership to over a dozen awards and nominations recognizing their work, just goes to show the level of awesome they hold.

Don’t take our word for it, Paul Yap (bass, synth) shares his tips for surviving outdoor music festivals and describes his fondness for sandwiches with a moist crunch. Moist crunch! Caring and adorable.

Music Weekly: Which of the international bands playing at Wanderland are you looking forward to sharing the stage with most?

Paul Yap: Temper Trap and Nada Surf.

You’ve played music festivals previously, what are your ultimate tips for surviving a whole-day music festival for punters?

Before the event: Make sure to drink your vitamins and get a good night’s rest a week before Wanderland. This will keep your immune system up and running throughout festival day. It’s hard to enjoy a show when there’s someone coughing and sniffling behind you.

During the event: It can get hot so keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and your clothes to a minimum. If you get sweaty, no need to bring extra clothes because it’s better to buy a band shirt during the event. And most importantly, don’t be a bad drunk.

After the event: Post your photos on your social networking sites. Don’t forget to tag Wanderland and the bands!

What does the rest of 2013 have in store for you?

We’ll keep promoting Capacities to familiar and brand new shores. Expect exciting things to happen this 2013. Keep visiting our site for updates.

If your band were a sandwich, describe what your fillings would be.

We would rather be a panini press. It makes us more flexible because we can be any sandwich that we like. But always with that distinct toasted, compress and moist crunch.



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As part of our pre-coverage of the festival we’re interviewing all artists on the bill so stay tuned for more!