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The Battle of the Teen Heart Throbs: Cody Simpson vs Justin Bieber


When a normal pre-pubescent boy who casually records songs in his bedroom is offered a record contract, does he accept or shrug it off as a scam? Luckily for this budding talent, he took the offer and has been enjoying the YouTube fairytale ending. Since his discovery, he has been selling records, touring endlessly, winning awards and hearts around the world. Sound familiar? While this could very well be Justin Bieber’s story in a nutshell, this one applies to Australian artist, Cody Simpson who is aptly titled ‘the new Justin Bieber’ giving the Biebs a run for his money. We’re putting these heart throbs head-to-head to battle it out for the title of the Best Teen Heart Throb.


The Hair

Bieber Simpson Hair

From the shaggy fringe to the slicked-back quiff, Justin and Cody have sported it all. But there is no denying that Justin Bieber’s signature smoothed-over mushroom/helmet cut was one of the defining moments of his career. While it may edge towards being dated, the hair cut will forever be remembered in the Hollywood Hair Hall of Fame amongst Jennifer Aniston’s ‘The Rachel’ and Farrah Fawcett’s golden wind-swept locks.

Bieber Bubble




The Abs

Bieber Simpson Abs

When it comes to a solid set of abs, Justin and Cody are pretty much identical. One could even assume that they’re gym buddies who are no stranger to pumping iron together. We’ll give both boys a point for sticking to their fitness regimes.

Bieber Bubble

Simpson Bubble


The Accent

Bieber Simpson Accent

Justin and Cody aren’t natives to the USA aka the country that granted them superstar fame. A part from having the vocal chords of Gods and movie-star good looks, these two have what many a lady has swooned over since the dawn of time: the mysteriousness of a man from foreign lands. And what comes with its nature? A sexy accent. The Australian accent wins over the Canadian accent any day.

Simpson Bubble




The Camaraderie

The Bro-hood

Despite competing head-to-head in this heart throb battle, Justin and Cody have each others backs. Justin surprised Cody on his Paradise Tour in LA, jumping on stage mid-performance of the song “Pretty Brown Eyes”. Justin also took some time to hang around after the show and discuss his thoughts about Cody’s upcoming album Surfer’s Paradise. In return, perhaps, Cody cancelled the last five dates of his US tour to hit the road with Justin instead. Bromance.

Bieber Bubble

Simpson Bubble


The Fans

Social Media

Sometimes it’s all just a numbers game. In this case, Justin Bieber takes a win with a collective 116 million fans across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vevo, which makes Cody’s 12 million digital fans look like a measly number.

Bieber Bubble




The Girlfriend

Bieber Simpson Couples

If you’ve been living under a rock, it is probably time to get up from under that rock because Justin Bieber is a newly single man, having recently broken up with his now ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Justin’s once-deemed perfect match is one of the hottest young starlets of the moment and is rare breed indeed: she is a triple threat. Selena’s popularity started from her acting days in Disney shows and movies and she has since enjoyed much success from her current music career, with music videos showing that she too has the moves. Cody on the other hand has been linked to the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner. We’re not exactly too sure what she’s famous for. We’ll put her in the famous-for-being-famous pile.

Bieber Bubble




The Bad Boy Factor


Justin wins this round hands down. His profile includes: reckless driving, spitting on fans from his hotel balcony, verbally abusing and threatening physical attacks on paparazzi, the possession of illegal drugs, run-ins with night club security and accepting his Diamond Jubilee Medal form the Canadian Prime Minister wearing his cap backwards. That’s total bad ass! Cody is the polar opposite with a squeaky clean slate. This deserves an honorable mention and pat on the back however while we don’t condone any of Justin’s bad behaviour, girls do love a bad boy. That’s one more point for you, Biebs.

Bieber Bubble




Totaling our points:

Cody Simpson

Simpson Bubble Simpson Bubble Simpson Bubble

Justin Bieber

Bieber Bubble Bieber Bubble Bieber Bubble Bieber Bubble Bieber Bubble Bieber Bubble

It’s clear that Justin won this match. Only time will tell if Justin’s recent antics will overshadow his music. Cody has been going at a slow and steady pace and we all know what happens to those that go slow and steady.