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Review: Cryptopsy – The Best of Us Bleed



Artist Name: Cryptopsy
Title Name: The Best of Us Bleed
Label: Century Media
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini

When informed metalheads think about death metal prominent scenes in the early days – so after the baby steps taken by the eighties bands that initiated or influenced the genre – they think Florida, New York, Scandinavia and maybe Birmingham in the UK, but most likely not Canada. When informed metalheads think about technical death metal names like Death, Cynic or Decapitated may come to mind. But the really well informed metalheads might also think of Cryptopsy, a band that hails from the French speaking side of Canada, and that has been playing brutal yet technical death metal for more than twenty years.

It is the summary of that life so far that is captured on this compilation called The Best of Us Bleed. With its 32 brutal tracks spanning their whole career, and hovering around studio, live and rehearsal tracks, it is sweet music for experienced ears, but might shock the unprepared, casual drop-ins. The music is raw, brutal, in your face, well produced, full of eerie riffs and blast beats intertwined with faster than speed of light melodies, strong bottom end, and growling vocals in the best “cookie monster” style.

Shout outs go to “Crown of Horns” taken from the seminal None So Vile, the live version of “Open Face Surgery”, and the relentless sequence of “We Bleed” in studio then live version.

While their music has obvious connections with many bands from that golden era of death metal and some of those particular aforementioned scenes, Canadians once again managed to bring uniqueness into what could easily be a saturated genre – Voivod, Rush, Annihilator and Anvil being other examples of such achievement.

So the endgame is that this is a rather well conceived summary of the career of a band that might have unfairly slipped under the radar of many. If you are one of them, get this now and check them out. If you’re already a fan, then this album will surely make you smile once again.