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The Next Beat Master: Ta-ku


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Hailing from Perth in Australia, Ta-ku’s impressive catalogue of remixes and beat tapes has earned him a mainstay status among electronic producers. Taking influence from beatsmiths in all corners of hip hop production, the man has drawn together a broad reaching scope of sound. From dusty, soul flips to crunchy bass music, Ta-ku made a powerful impact in the beat-maker community. Almost 80,000 listeners follow his work on SoundCloud while more than 40,000 dedicated fans interact with him on Facebook.

Ta-ku emphasizes the impact of his musical inspirations and idols with his acclaimed days/nights series. 50 Days for Dilla pays homage to hip hop legend, J Dilla with a collection of beats crafted from soulful samples, chopped into some seriously headnodic grooves. J Dilla is best known for his pioneering production with artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, Common and Erykah Badu to name a few. Dilla’s distinct shuffling and somewhat ‘wonky’ groove is a far reaching source of inspiration for electronic musicians and the wider industry on a whole. In two volumes, followers are treated to a new beat every day for 25 days uploaded to Soundcloud. Mixed with a strong sense of Ta-ku’s creative sensibility, 50 Days for Dilla is a great testament to an integral name in hip hop.

25 Nights for Nujabes is a peaceful and fitting tribute to another legend of hip-hop production, Nujabes, best known for his beautiful blends of jazz and mellow atmospheres with layers of sampled drum breaks. It’s hard to overstate the scale of these projects, 25 beats produced in 25 days is a mammoth achievement that highlights Ta-ku’s prolific work ethic. In a Q&A session with the SoundCloud community, Ta-ku describes his inspiration to stay creative by pushing himself to make art every day.

Ta-ku’s latest release, the second installment of the Re-Twerk collection drops the hardest hitting beats and pushes all the boundaries once again. The core of this record is dense with an infectious dose of metallic percussion, 808s, subby bass and brass. Ta-ku’s most extreme interpretations for remixing are a perfect fit on this record. The hard-edged cutting and re-crafting of vocal snippets are stylistically ideal. What gets me worked up most listening to this record is the unrelenting rhythm. It pushes in a way that’s obnoxious, but in a good way. I think that’s got to be my favourite thing about Re-Twerk tracks. I start sporting a childish grin with every element that goes over the top and shatters any notion subtlety.

If you’re after a feed of new beats to add to your current listening, Ta-ku should be your next mouse-click.

– By Ross McCallum


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