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Future Music Festival: Zoom on They Will Kill Us All (MY)


What kept you busy these past months? I heard you’ve been recording an album, is it already finished?
Well right now our working life is keeping us busy! We still jam from time to time, but what the band as a whole are trying to now is finishing the mixes for the 9 song album out soon. Its a slow process but we are seeing the finish line already..things are shaping up well.

How does it feel to play in big music festivals like Rockaway Festival or Future Music Festival Asia?

Big music festivals or small intimate gigs, we always give our best. We live to play, so its always an exciting feeling to play for people out there whether they are our fans or just curious onlookers.

What do you think of promoters like Future Music Entertainment coming to Asia? Will that help local productions to have greater visibility?

We think that this franchise music festivals are good, they sort of motivate the local production to push themselves further so as to compete. Not sure about the visibility part though.

Which bands would you recommend us to watch at Future Music Festival on March 17?

Certainly Chemical Brothers! But also checkout Hercules and Love Affair. Mini Compo is one exciting duo to watch too!

What would you say to your fans in Malaysia, and in Asia?
Stay tuned for great music from us this year!

Catch They Will Kill Us All at Future Music Festival on Saturday, March 17 (Sepang International Circuit, KL) on Flamingo Stage from 3:30 to 4pm.
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