Culture — June 25, 2013 at 6:58 pm

This Sanctuary’s Java Rockinland Tour Diary



As we’re all still coming down from the weekend’s happenings at Java Rockingland Festival, This Sanctuary have released their tour diary to document the band’s first time in bustling Jakarta. The recount will help those of us experiencing post-Java Rockinland depression to bounce back and re-live the experience. Find out how they lost their lead singer, Renee and whether they survived their set after seeing the “overwhelming” stage they were to perform on.

Day 1

After an awesome flight from Sydney to Jakarta we finally landed to be picked up in our tour bus and greeted by the friendly crew for the festival. As this was our first ever tour in Indonesia, our first experience of traffic was mind blowing! As we reached hotel Borobudur we checked in, explored the hotel and got a good sleep, to prepare for our press show the next day.

Day 2

Today was the day for our first performance at Karawaci Supermall. This was also the first time we’ve ever played a mall show. It was a great experience being able to sound check and shop instantly as well as having the world of electrical equipment such as power boards and converters at our feet! This show was awesome until the power cut out halfway during our set! But nevertheless we were able to recover and had a great show. The night was topped off with pizza and pasta, good hangs with our crew and a roller coaster ride inside the mall!

Day 3

Today was our performance at a press conference. We played to press and media who were involved and interested in the Java Rocking Land Festival. We played a 10-minute set featuring our upcoming singles, “I Do” and “Keep Talking, Please.” and it was one of the first times we had ever played a show with only media as the audience. Later that day we got to shop and enjoy the awesome food and cheap retail, as well as losing Renee in the gigantic shopping mall!j

Day 4

After having a dip in the pool, lying in the sun and playing a game of tennis (although we’re not very good), the day was off to a good start! And to make the day even better was our performance at the Java Rockinland Festival. We were stoked to play on a stage that and it was right next to the beach. But to be honest it was also very overwhelming. This definitely was one of the highlights of our trips. The bright lights, the incredible crowd and the humidity definitely made it a show to remember!


This Sanctuary’s single “I Do”, from their upcoming album Keep Talking, Please. is out on the 12th July.



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