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Artist Name: Hudson Mohawke x Lunice
Title Name: TNGHT
Label: Warp Records x Lucky Me
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

Maybe it’s just me, but collaborations seem to have really picked up a notch the past few years. Once upon a time, collabs seemed more like cash grabs, cheesy as hell and almost always revolving around hip hop or duets. Recently though, acts like Danger Doom, Moderat, Major Lazer and Magnetic Man have approached collabs in a different way and managed to breathe a bit of life into the idea. American hip-hop producer Lunice and Scottish beat monster Hudson Mohawke are the newest players to share the world stage with their project TNGHT, and they’re doing it well. Not ones for subtlety,TNGHT‘s debut release opts to brazenly attack the audience. After a token 30 second intro of fluttering percussion on ‘Top Floor’, the boys’ bring the 808′s and hit the stride that will carry the release. Sharp snares, rattling hats, blaring treble hooks and huge, short drops literally force movement in their audience. The 2 leads ‘Goooo’ and ‘Higher Ground’ are unapologetic stompers, blaring into the foreground to show in no uncertain terms what the group is about. Though big in nature, the two producers never swap quality for hype and, though full of drops, the track never gets to bubblegum. The standout feature of the album is the mixing chemistry of the 2 producers’ key genres. Lunice’s hip-hop beats direct and hold the tracks, lending a rolling sensation to Hudson’s synth which wrenches attention wherever it’s heard. Though similar in format, each track brings a definitive style of its own, an impressive feat for what could easily have been a one trick pony. Though their debut is only 5 tracks, TNGHT covers a ton of ground in that short space. It’s been said before but these two are definitely one to watch.

Check out the videos below to see the boys’ solo work to fully get your head around how well their chemistry sticks. Oh, and headphones, please.


Lunice – Hip Pop



Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay 


TNGHT – Goooo